Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands

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There are some watches that need no introduction. These pieces of quality craftsmanship are designed to impress and will cause the enthusiast to turn their head and take notice of your time piece. As you look at the top 10 luxury watch brands, you are going to find that these are among the best brands that can be found.


#10 – Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe
While the average person walking down the street might not recognize the brand, this 1839 family run line is known for being an elite watch company. If you own one of these watches, there is a very good chance that you come from old money. These watches have incredible precision and are designed to last for a lifetime.
Some of the most common watches in the line include the Golden Ellipse, Nautilus, Complications and Twenty ~ 4. Curious to see how much these watches go for? Well, a Super Complication Watch retails for a cool $11 Million.


#9 – Breguet

Since 1775, the Breguet has become known for being one of the most complex and refined watches on the market. With such historical figures like Marie Antoinette and Napoleon owning this elite brand, there is no denying that it belongs on this list of the top 10 luxury watch brands. This brand is also known for pioneering the tourbillion which improves the accuracy of the watch by having gravity defying features.
While looking at this line you will find lines like the La Tradition, Reine de Naples and Marine. Thinking about price? Well the Dc d’ Orleans Sympathique will cost only $6.8 million.


#8 – Rolex

Rolex is a name we all recognize. This is a line of watches that gives off a sense of power, quality and class. While industry snobs look down at the Rolex, it is still one of the finest lines you will find. In fact, more people are going to likely recognize this brand of watches if you wear it, then some of the other brands that you will find in the top 10 luxury watch brands. We a since Rolex Chronograph from 1942 being able to snag $1.16 million, this isn’t a brand to look at lightly.


#7 – Panerai

Sure, they may have harsh designs and run of the mill features, but since 1860 this line of watches has remained consistently strong. In fact, the Royal Italian Navy has chosen this brand of watches for many years because of their precision and accuracy. Since the average watch in the line can also fetch and easy $127,200 and some elite watches can reach more than a million dollars, this is a brand that is clearly luxurious and stunning.


#6 – Cartier

With lines that range from Pasha de Cartier, Clibre de Cartier and even Santos de Cartier you can quickly see that this line of watches focuses on the family that founded it. Their early designs were always cutting edge and with a rectangular dials, they were considered to be prestigious by those who saw them. With a single watch having the ability to go for nearly $3 million, you know this is an elite line of watches that will continue to be among the most cherished of the luxury watches out there.


#5 – Jaeger – LeCoultre

Jaeger – LeCoultre
When they hit the watchmaking world in 1833 no one likely knew just how powerful this brand of watches was destined to become. However, over the years more people have taken notice of this incredible brand and the quality and accuracy that is put into each piece. Thanks to lines like Duoplan, Reverso and others this brand has earned its spot on the top 10 luxury watch brands that are available. Perhaps this is why people are willing to spend millions on a single watch from them.


#4 – Hublot

While it might still be in its infancy since it has only been in the industry since 1980, Hubolt has quickly become one of the top brands in the world. With luxury pieces like solid gold, natural rubber bands, red gold diamonds and more. This is a watch that not only captured the attention of those that saw it, but also fans of quality made watches. Just how impressive is it? These watches are critically acclaimed for being of a higher degree of quality, sporting elegance and having precision that remains uncompromised. With the ability to purchase watches that start at $5 million in some lines, it should come as no surprise why it is so high on the list.


#3 – IWC


One brand that continues to capture interest and respect is IWC. This is a brand that remains strong and the timepieces offer a superior design without all the frills. In the last decade, they have surged in popularity and continue to be a highly sought after and respected brand. While you aren’t going to see over the top price tags in this line, you will find continued quality and excellence that will remain unmatched.


#2 – Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet
Founded in 1875 in the Swiss Jura, this brand was recognized for its legendary spirit of innovation. When its first pocket watch was introduced in 1882 it quickly became apparent that this line of watches was destined to become one of the finest brands on the market. Today, they continue to be recognized for their excellence in style and design and there is a good reason why their watches can sell for millions of dollars. In fact, some would argue that this line is one of the few that continues to produce classic lines of traditional luxury watches.


#1 – Blancpain

There is no doubting that a Swiss watch maker that has been around since 1735 should hold the top spot in the top 10 luxury watch brands. With the watchful eye of Mark A. Hayek, this company has vowed to deliver only the finest watches around. With each watch crafted individually by a single expert watchmaker, you get all the best and dedicated work of one person, over a series of others. Perhaps that is why so many people seek out the lines in this brand like the L – Evolution. With many watches fetching several million dollars, it is easy to see why this line is the best one around.


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