Top 10 Best Watch Brands of 2013

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People would be lost today, if they did not know what time it was. Even though people have many other gadgets that tell time, they still value a quality watch to tell them the time of day or night it is at a given moment. We have accumulated a list of the Top 10 Best Watch Brands of 2013 to help you choose the one best for your time-telling needs.


#10 Casio


Casio was first started in 1946 in Japan, with an analog wrist watch being released in 1982. It is the top brand of watch for those on a tight budget. The company also produces some higher-end models,such as its Pro Trek series. Some of the features that come with these watches include shock resistance, water resistance, EL backlight and flash alert, and even stopwatch capabilities, just to mention a fewof these features.


#9 Timex


Timex is the top watch manufacturer in the United States. Its watches have long had a reputation of being durable and long lasting. The watches from this company come in a variety of styles, from athletic to dressy. This company keeps the prices of Timex watches quite affordable, so anyone can find a style that fits their budget.


#8 Seiko


Seiko has actually been in existence since 1881. This company offers a broad range of watches, from sporty styles to dressy styles for both men and women. Along with quartz movements, this company even offers solar watches.


#7 Citizen


Citizen offers watches that include Citizen Eco-Drive technology. This is a unique achievement, since the watches in this line never require batteries. They run by harnessing the energy from natural or artificial light. This is just one line of watches that Citizen offers. The company has a quality reputation, making it the official timekeeper for the US Open 2013 for tennis. Citizen also has versions of its watches for sale that commemorate the event.


#6 Luminox


Luminox brand of watches have been around since 1989. Barry Cohen and Richard Timbo joined forces in developing high-performance sports watches that included the latest in luminescence technology. The watches were also designed with readability in mind, and the company still focuses on offering high-performance, easy to read watches.


#5 Gucci


Gucci has been in business since 1921, when Guccio Gucci opened his first company based on leather goods and a modest store in which to sell his luggage in the city of Florence. Since this time, Gucci has been synonymous with fashion and quality, even when it comes to the watches this company offers. These watches are high-end, including sporty choices as well as dressy models.



#4 Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer is famous for luxury sports watches. The company provides reliability using the most up-to-date technology and high quality materials to manufacturer its watches. With such models as the Aquaracer and the Tag Heuer Grand Carrera it is easy to see why this company has become famous. Models like these are the just some of the reasons for this company to make our list of the Top 10 Best Watch Brands of 2013.


#3 Omega


Omega is among the best-known names throughout the world for watch making. It is number one in accurate timepieces. Today, this company offers watches such as the Constellation, Diver 300 M, Speedmaster, and the Prestige. One unique offering is the Olympic Pocket Watch 1932, which includes a Rattrapante Chronograph that is in 18Ct white, red, or yellow gold and built from unused 1932 movement kits that were discovered in storage in the company’s headquarters.




#2 Swatch


This company offers many unique styles of watches. These watches are built with the latest technology to make sure they are reliable. Swatch watches are worn by executives, sports enthusiasts, or just everyday people.


#1 Rolex


Rolex has been around, since 1905, when Hans Wilsdorf started a company for the purpose of selling timepieces. The company was located in London. Hans had a dream to create a quality, accurate wristwatch. Today, this company is the best known company across the world when it comes to high quality watches. Encased in a waterproof case, Rolex’s perpetual movements allow the watch to do its job. The dials are unique in design to show the special distinction of these watches. These watches included such quality materials as stainless steel, precious metals, mother-of-pearl, ceramic and gemstones. Many people dream of owning a Rolex at some point in their life.

This is our list of the Top 10 Best Watch Brands of 2013. If you want a high quality, long lasting watch, consider buying a watch made by one of these excellent brand names.


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