Top 10 Best Watch Brands For Men

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It was some time after the first time piece was created for the watch to enter the scene, but once it did it took the world by storm. Today, just about everyone wears a watch that wants to keep up with a busy schedule. Of course, wearing a watch is not merely about living a disciplined life of punctuality. Many people seem to never even look at the watch that is delicately positioned on their wrist or tucked away in a pocket. No, rather it is often about making a fashion statement just for the sake of wearing one.
Standing out in the middle of a crowd may not be your forte, but it is still important to know that you have something that will help you exhibit your own personal style. The best kind of watch for a man to wear will depend a great deal on the profession in which he participates. While men often do want to wear a little bling, it is vital that it not appear feminine. It is not unusual to see men’s watches with faces larger and the band wider and a bit longer than that of their female counterparts. Here is our list of top 10 best watch brands for men that provide those who wear them the reliability they need to be easily identified among the crowd.


#10 Jetset

Jetset provides premium quality watches for men by the world famous designer Michael Kors. These watches carry with them excellence in functionality with their standard analog display and round look. This American designer has created sleek watches that are popular among men and women alike and ranks number 10 as the most affordable high fashion watch brand.


#9 Appetime

Appetime is a brand of watches that offers elegance with sleek lines and hues and comes with incredible water resistance. There are extra features on the display which is what makes it so popular. This famous watch brand got its start in 1970 and is available in analog as well as digital models.


#8 Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck
The primary concern for Philippe Starck is offering timepieces at an affordable price with class and style. You can find these in digital and analog models and some even have dual dials. Different materials are used to create these watches including aluminum, glass, chrome and yes, fabric. The wrist band or bracelet is completely suitable for the fashion minded individual.


#7 Luminox

Luminox is a Switzerland brand name and these watches typically sport the day, date and time along with a calendar. The design includes lighted displays and many models are created specifically for government officials and military personnel. It is not unusual to see the Luminox brand displaying Arabic numerals which is great no matter who is looking at the time.


#6 Omega

Nearly everyone who has ever worn a watch will recognize the Omega brand. It has been popular for more than a hundred years. Celebrities and politicians alike can be seen wearing this brand. Much of its popularity stems from the fact that it is quite affordable.


#5 Gucci Designer Watches

Gucci Designer Watches
Gucci is an Italian made watch brand that was initially started in 1921. the pleasing appearance of these watches is only one of the reasons they have enjoyed a place in the spotlight for so long. They convey a sense of continuity to those wearing them. Some of the features of these timepieces include stainless steel or gold bands and diamond or sapphire insets. Wearing one of these will add a look of luxury to any outfit.


#4 Diesel

For a touch of elegance and an extreme feeling of sobriety, one cannot go wrong with wearing a Diesel men’s watch. Its sleek steel structure means it can stand up to a lot. This brand got its start in 1978 and the watch was added a decade later. It has grown in popularity ever since.


#3 Casio

Casio has met the challenge of reliability and come out on top no matter what consumer is wearing one of these watches. Even though this brand is just a little over a decade old, they have maintained their appeal among consumers through out the years. Solar technology in combination with elegance and grace make this brand a competitive player in the market.


#2 Citizen Eco Drive

Citizen Eco Drive
This remarkably simple watch brand, founded in 1918, is especially suitable for the fashion minded man among us. A tiny solar panel on the panel face allows the battery to while being worn or sitting on a stand beside the bed. For even more techno style craftsmanship, there is a thermal model which charges the body using the wearer’s skin temperature and ambient heat.


#1 Rolex

If you haven’t heard of Rolex, you have been living under a rock, and we know that isn’t true. This is a brand that is highly recognizable among many different classes. Geneva, Switzerland is the manufacturing headquarters for this brand, and it offers amazing reliability, even after taking a beating. This is the number one brand for watches, and is currently being sold in countries of Europe, South Asia, Middle East, Canada and the United States.

These are our picks for the top 10 best watch brands for men, but you may have others. If you do, just add these to that list and you cannot go wrong. You May also Like Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands.


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