Top 10 Best Deodorant for Men

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Deodorants need to protect the user for unwanted body odor caused by perspiration. Men often need more protection, because their jobs involve a lot of physical exertion. This cause them to sweat more than women at times. Below is a list of what we consider the Top 10 best deodorant for men on the market today.


#10 Every Man Jack

Every Man Jack

Every Man Jack offers a Deodorant Stick that provides long lasting protection from odor, sweat and moisture absorption, with no harsh chemicals such as aluminum. It contains rosemary and lichen extract to control the bacteria that causes odor. Witch hazel and cotton extract helps to absorb moisture. Peppermint and spearmint essential oils refresh the underarms. Organic Aloe Vera is added to sooth the skin.


#9 Burt’s Bees

Burt's Bees

Burt’s Bee’s provides a natural deodorant that contains botanicals to combat odor and natural oils to keep the user feeling and smelling fresh and natural. This contains no phthalates, petrochemicals or parabens. Burt’s Bees offers other natural products on top of this deodorant.


#8 Tom’s of Maine

Tom's of Maine

This company produces several scents of deodorants, some of which are to men’s liking. Tom’s deodorants have been clinical proven to be effective against odor. They provide 24 hours of protection. Zinc salts trap the odor while hops fight off odor. Contains no aluminum or preservatives.


#7 Mennen Speed Stick

Mennen Speed Stick

Mennen Speed Stick comes in more than one scent that is suitable for men. It provides protection from odor all through the day. Speed Stick comes with a patented comfort guard applicator for ease of applying. Mennen is one of the brands that Colgate-Palmolive puts forth and this company has been in business for a very long time.


#6 AXE Fresh Deodorant Stick

AXE Fresh Deodorant Stick

AXE Fresh Deodorant Sticks come in a variety of scents. Many of the scents are designed to make a man more appealing to women such as the Dark Temptation that smells like chocolate. These provide 24-hour protection while decreasing underarm odor.


#5 Degree Men Fresh Deodorant

Degree Men Fresh Deodorant

Degree Men Fresh Deodorant offers time released molecules to help keep men fresh all through the day. It is the deodorant preferred by the military and sports enthusiasts. It fights odor with the most up-to-date ingredients. On top of this version of Degree deodorant, there are also the Clinical Strength, Adrenaline Series, and Dry protection. All of these products are high performers to protect men’s underarms.


#4 Brut Original Fragrance Deodorant

Brut Original Fragrance Deodorant

Brut has been around for a long time and is quite effective in providing protection all day thanks to Trimax. This deodorant effectively eliminates odor and has the signature scent that Brut is known for by men. This is probably the most affordable of the deodorants on this list of the Top 10 best deodorant for men.


#3 Old Spice

Old Spice

Old Spice has various offerings when it comes to deodorant for men. All of the selections provide odor protection for 24 hours and they go on clean. For best results, use on a daily basis. Old Spice has been around for many years and offers other men’s products besides deodorants.


#2 Right Guard Xtreme Antiperspirant and Deodorant Gel

 Right Guard Xtreme Antiperspirant and Deodorant Gel

Right Guard Xtreme is not just an effective deodorant, but also a potent antiperspirant. It decreases underarm moisture for 38 hours, while providing up to 72 hours of protection from odor. This keeps the body fresher longer. Of course, most men would just use it on a daily basis, but nice to know it lasts longer when need be.


#1 Mitchum Power Gel

Mitchum Power Gel

Mitchum Power Gel is both an antiperspirant and deodorant. It comes in a variety of scents for men. It is free from alcohol, which makes it kind to the skin. This gel eliminates the bacteria that causes odor. Mitchum has long made some of the best antiperspirants/deodorants on the market. This brand provides maximum strength that is effective no matter how bad the perspiration is. This is why it has won the number one spot on our list.

You may think you are man enough to go without deodorant, but the people around your will probably tell you differently. If you are not using a deodorant that you are satisfied with today, try one of these on our list of the Top 10 best deodorant for men to see if it suits you. However, you may use something else that you think belongs on this list and that is fine too, because deodorants and antiperspirants are personal choices that only you can make.


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