Top 10 Worst Countries for Gays

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You think you’re free to go anywhere? Think again. Here is a list of the worst countries for gays.


10. Turkey


Although being part of the LGBT is not a crime in this country, violence and discrimination is alarmingly high, making Turkey one of the worst countries for gays. Unlike other middle-Eastern countries, Turkey practices democracy. But, just like in India, the minority group doesn’t seem to have a place in their democratic system. They may have not a law against homosexuality, but they sure don’t have a law to protect them either.

Being a transgender woman in Turkey is the most depressing part, because they are a subject to random arrests, and police abuse. These women are “normally” being murdered by vigilantes and finding them “in pieces” is not uncommon. This inhumane “honor killings” are not getting justice because police officers and the judiciary system often refuse filing a case or pressing charges against the offenders.


9. Afghanistan


As if being in a war-torn country is not enough, Afghanistan is also one of the worst countries for gays. Aside from being war-heads, Afghan thugs also target the LGBT community for torture and abuse. Being known as an Islamic society, the least that a gay person gets for being true to his/her sexuality is a forced marriage. It is a norm for Islamic societies. On the lighter note, death penalty is no longer applicable to homosexuals. Again, that doesn’t stray them away from potential death by murder.


8. Senegal


Like in Nigeria, most of the people in Senegal do not agree with accepting homosexuality in their country. Senegal President Macky Sall admitted that they’re not ready to tolerate homosexuality. Although being gay is not punishable by death in this country, being homosexual is still illegal. The maximum punishment for gay people in this country is imprisonment and a fine of up to 1,500,000 francs. Often a victim of persecution and violence, gays and lesbians in Senegal also tend to live in hiding. There are also reports that people who provided help to LGBT individuals were put into prison. All of these things combined make Senegal one of the absolute worst countries for gays.


7. Cameroon


Like the other countries in this list, homosexuality is illegal in Cameroon. LGBT individuals have allegedly lived in hiding because of fear of discrimination and violence. Despite having a conservative social environment, violence against gays is very rampant. They are the target of social humiliation, torture, and persecution. Last year, Eric Ohena Lembembe, a prominent LGBT activist in Cameroon, had been found dead in his own home.


6. Russia


Being a member of the LGBT community in the world’s biggest country is absolutely unconceivable. Just recently, the government passed a bill banning people from being associated to any LGBT practices and propaganda. Shortly after the bill came out, there are reports of increase in attacks on the LGBT community. Gay and lesbian teens have allegedly been ambushed and humiliated by homophobic vigilantes while LGBT supporters have been beaten with baseball bats or blinded. If you think that since Russia is one of the superpowers of the west that it would not be one of the worst countries for gays, think again.

With the recent Sochi Olympics event, Russia was placed under the spotlight for having inhumane laws against homosexuals. Many countries got concerned about putting their athletes and their families, and the tourists at risk on the said event. Fortunately, there were no attacks or violence against the pro-LGBT.


5. India


In 2009, India re-criminalized homosexuality, making it one of the worst countries for gays. About a hundred and fifty years ago, after India has been colonized by Great Britain, the government passed a bill that generally made being gay legal. Although there is no bill stating illegality of the mere fact of being gay, having relationship with the same gender or practicing homosexuality is strictly prohibited. Up to this date, anyone caught kissing someone of same gender will face up to 10 years in prison.


4. Nigeria


According to Pew Global Attitudes and Project Poll, 98 percent of the Nigerian society does not conform to the acceptance of homosexuality in their society. In the northern parts of the country, the maximum punishment for being gay is death by stoning. The southern parts, which is largely Christian, homosexuality as well as failing to report anyone under suspicion of being gay is punishable by 14 years in prison. This is probably worse than the Nazis legislation against homosexuality.


3. Iran


Even though this country has a law that legalized sexual reassignment, being an outright LGBT in Iran will feel like hell on earth. In this country, being gay is illegal and is punishable by death. Mass arrests are done regularly; and people who have been arrested are either put into prison, tortured, abused, or a combination of the three. But if you happen to have lots of money that you can afford gender reassignment, you can avoid being arrested by the police. Ironic as it may seem, sex change is the only way that you can possibly escape getting abused and tortured to death; making Iran one of the worst countries for gays.


2. Uganda



This country has the longest running law against being gay. In 2009, the country passed a bill ordering homosexual Ugandan couples outside the country to be extradited back to the country to face punishment. The law aims to wipe out all the gays in the country; thus, called as the “Kill the Gays” Bill. This national law not only makes Uganda one of the worst countries for gays, it actually makes it look like hell on earth.

This country is also known for rampant violence against the LGBT community. Theatre performers and artists have been randomly detained and deported for showing plays with homosexual overtone or even for mentioning homosexuality.


1. Jamaica


Finishing our list for worst countries for gays is a country once branded by Time as “the most homophobic place on Earth”. Violence against the LGBT community is rampant and there is no legal protection against it. Declaring yourself gay in this country is tantamount to suicide. People who are under suspicion of being gay are frequently attacked with knives, machetes, or any other easily-reached things that can kill.

The list of the worst countries for gays is not limited to the ten listed above. The list will go on for as long as there is someone from the LGBT community who gets killed and extremely discriminated from a society.


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