Top 10 Poorest Countries in the World 2014

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There are many reasons why a country might end up on the list of poorest countries in the world 2014. Often times, the nations share different traits, including the overall size of the nation, lack of natural resources, or a stable government. However, sometimes there just is a problem with investing and growing the finances in order to improve the stability of the country. Regardless of the reason though, this is a list of the poorest countries in the world 2014.


10. Sao Tome and Principe

Sao Tome and Principe

Poverty Rate: 66.2 percent

GDP $248 million

GDP Per Capita: $1,473

Many might not have heard of Sao Tome and Principe, but this is a small country along the western coast of Africa. With a population of under 170,000 individuals, the nation has struggled with its poverty for the last several decades. For years, the nation has suffered from drought, which has made it difficult to grow crops, and just poor government management. However, Sao Tome and Principe is likely to improve in this ranking in the next decade or so, as oil has been discovered off of the Gulf of Guinea. It is going to take some time for development to take place, but once the oil starts flowing, the country should start to see an improvement in its financial status.


9. Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

Poverty Rate: 66.4 percent

GDP: $2.24 billion

GDP Per Capita: $374

Sierra Leone has an extremely poor GDP per capita. While the total GDP is nearly 10 times that of Sao Tome and Principe, with a population of almost 6 million individuals, an average per capita of only $374 is the fourth lowest in the entire world. For decades, politics caused serious problems with the economy here, but this has since stabilized. Like most struggling nations though, corruption is a major problem and inflation is currently at 18 percent. Additionally, over 10 percent of all infants born died during birth. The life expectancy is also at 47 years, which makes it the second lowest in the entire planet and a major reason why it is on the list of poorest countries in the world 2014.


8. Burundi


Poverty Rate: 66.9 percent

GDP: $2.33 billion

GDP Per Capita: $271

With the second lowest per capita on the planet, Burundi struggles drastically with its financial stability and its capability of providing jobs for individuals living inside of the country. This has been mostly through poor government representation, not to mention an extended civil war that raged throughout the nation (although this has, for the most part subsided). So far, with all of the nations on this list from Africa, it points to the region as a drastic issue in terms of the overall wealth of the continent and the sheer lack of resources and the overzealous warlords in the regions.


7. Madagascar


Poverty Rate: 68.7 percent

GDP: $9.95 billion

GDP Per Capita: $467

This large island nation, situated off of the southeastern coast of Africa, the large island actually takes up over 350,000 square miles. For the most part, the country depends heavily on agriculture, with 80 percent of all of its workers in the sector. Madagascar is actually one of only 11 nations on the entire planet that has a per capita GDP of less than $500. While it has attempted to become part of the Word Bank and IMF endorsed, it is struggling to expand its developments past the traditional agriculture specifics of the nation.


6. Eritrea


Poverty Rate: 69 percent

GDP: $2.61 billion

GDP Per Capita: $482

As the other nations have dispelled so far on this list, there is usually a direct correlation with the poverty rate and the GDP per capita. The major problem with Eritrea is there is only one political party, which makes it difficult for apposing individuals to voice any sort of concerns. On top of this, primary school enrollment is incredibly low at only 33.5 percent, which is the third lowest found on the planet. These are some of the major reasons why it is on the list of poorest countries in the world 2014.


5. Swaziland


Poverty Rate: 69.2 percent

GDP $3.98 billion

GDP Per Capita: $3,725

While the poverty rate is nearly 70 percent, the per capita GDP is higher than most nations on the list, as it has the 82nd lowest per capita value. The nation depends heavily on exports to South Africa, and the majority of the population work in agriculture, which is a common practice throughout the region. However, soil depletion is starting to cause other problems, which could harm the agriculture development in the future. Another reason the country struggles though is the incredibly high HIV/AIDs concentration throughout the country, as 26 percent of residents are HIV positive, which is the highest percentage in the world.


4. Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo

Poverty Rate: 71.3 percent

GDP: $15.64 billion

GDP per capital: $231

The Democratic Republic of Congo essentially shows the world of how you don’t want to run a country. Not only is the poverty rate above 70 percent, but it has the lowest per capita GDP in the world. Plus, the continual onslaught of the ruling party makes it difficult for the country to grow, not to mention more than five million citizens have died over the past 15 years due to the government rule. On top of this, almost 12 percent of all children born die during child birth, and the primary school enrollment is second lowest in the world at 33 percent.


3. Zimbabwe


Poverty Rate: 72 percent

GDP: $9.9 billion

GDP Per Capita: $776

The nation of Zimbabwe has had only one leader since 1980. The leadership has been marked with violence and hyperinflation until 2009. At one point in 2008, a single U.S. dollar was equivalent 430,927.7 Zimbabwean dollars. Also. In 1993, the national poverty rate sat at under 35 percent. Now it is at 72 percent. This makes it one of the poorest countries in the world 2014.


2. Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea

Poverty Rate: 76.8 percent

GDP: $19.79 billion

GDP Per Capita: $27,478

Finally, some relief for Africa. It is rather surprising to see a nation with a per capita GDP of over $27,000 here, but the poverty rate is almost 77 percent. The worldwide GDP per capita average is around $10,000. This is because the majority of oil and gas production that has helped the country grow and prosper has not be shared with its citizens. The South American country has an incredibly low life expectancy and primary education enrollment is just around 56.3 percent. All of this could be avoided, if the government simply shared on the profits. Bur for now, is is one of the poorest countries in the world 2014.


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1. Haiti


Poverty Rate: 77 percent

GDP: $7.35 billion

GDP Per Capita: $726

As of right now, over half of the population of Haiti actually lives on less than $1 a day. Unemployment sat at around 40.6 percent in 2010, but it was hit with a massive earthquake and has since seen drastic reductions in services due to the severe cost. The total cost of the earthquake resulted in $8 billion, which is more than the GDP.


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