Top 10 Most Densely Populated Countries

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People often mistake countries with ‘high” human population to be the same as having a “dense” population. Having a surge in human population is one thing; it’s another if the people in a particular plot of land are too dense. A dense population entails that there are way too many people in a certain land area. Some people may easily say that China is the country with the most human population.  However, since China has such a huge land mass, congestion is easily avoided.

A country with a dense population shows a good sign that the country is habitable. A dense population is also prevalent in countries with high urban rates, wherein there are a lot of business districts, housing, and infrastructure. Some countries with sparse population are usually those with harsh environments and scarcity of resources. However, a dense population also has several drawbacks. In determining the population density of a country, the number of people for every square kilometre is taken into census.

Although Macau would have topped the list as the most densely populated place in the world, it is not a country but rather a region of China. Thus, this list shall only focus on the most congested countries.

Here are the top ten most densely populated countries in the world for the year 2014:


1. Monaco


It is a small Mediterranean country with an estimated area of 1.96 square kilometres with a population of 32,410. Although 32,000 people might not sound like a lot for a country, it’s actually getting pretty tight-spaced in Monaco. This density in population is fuelled by the elderly whose life spans extend up to 83 years old for most. Fertility rates and birth rates are also high among women.

Given that Monaco residents are already congested, there are still the tourists who frequent Monaco for luxury Mediterranean and French Riviera cruises. It has population density of 15,255 people per square kilometre which puts it at the top of the ten most densely populated countries in the world.


2. Singapore


It is hardly a country and more of a state for some countries. Singapore has established a very successful tourist and business peninsula frequented by many foreign nationals all over the world. A lot of foreign investors have also set up their businesses in Singapore and this boom in their economy further encouraged blue collar employment opportunities from other nearby countries that add up to its dense population.

At present, Singapore has a population density of 7,681 people per square kilometre.


3. Bahrain


The third in the ten most densely populated countries in the worldand also the smallest island country in the Arab nation. It is a highly-urbanized country with the northern part already developing into a big metropolitan area. This urbanization contributes to its population density which is already at 1,643 people per square kilometre.


4. Malta


It is one of the seven Mediterranean islands to the south-eastern seas of Italy. It is densely populated with 1,297 people per square kilometre due to immigrations, longer life spans for the older population, and asylum seekers from Somalia, Nigeria, Eritrea, and Syria.


5. Bangladesh


It is not only one of the top ten most densely populated countries in the world but also ranks fifth in the most highly populated countries in the world. Its population density became highest in the world during the 1960’s and 1970’s. Birth control was promoted in the 1980’s which regulated the population growth rate. The population density of Bangladesh is currently at 1,119 people per square kilometre.


6. Barbados


A tropical island with a high number of locals, tourists, and foreign investors. Barbados ranks sixth in the top ten most densely populated countries in the world. Luxuries and high standard of living characterize this small island country. It has a population density of 669 people per square kilometre.


7. Taiwan


Two municipalities of Taiwan namely Taipei and Kaoshiung contribute to its high population density. While there was a natural increase of birth rates surging to 69,000 people from 2012 to 2013, there were also a lot of immigrants pouring into the country. Taiwan currently stands seventh in the ten most densely populated countries in the world with 646 people per square kilometre.


8. Mauritius


Although Mauritius has a declining fertility rate, the life expectancy rates are going up for the middle aged and elderly population. If this population growth rate trend continues for several more years, the Mauritian population will soon decline. However, for now it stands eighth of the ten most densely populated countries in the world with 644 people per square meter.


9. San Marino

San Marino

It is a very small landlocked country in Italy and is among the five smallest countries in the world. This land with 24 square miles of area sits atop Mount Titano. Due to the increase in fertility and birth rates, San Marino ranks ninth out of the ten most densely populated countries in the world. It has 527 people per square kilometre.


10. South Korea

South Korea

One of the causes why South Korea has such a high population density is the rapid international immigration of neighbouring countries. It also has a very competitive economy which entices more immigrants and foreign investors. It has 490 people per square kilometre.

While the world population keeps on growing, several land developers have begun to reclaim lands from the seas and oceans to accommodate the ever increasing number of people. Several birth control measures have also been undertaken in some countries to repress spikes in population growth.


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