Top 10 Main Causes of Global Warming

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Global Warming is a huge crisis involving all countries. It’s getting worse, not better. There is no doubt that this is a hot topic/ For those of you who don’t understand what global warming is, it’s the rise of the temperature in the atmosphere of the earth.

Things have gotten so bad that we now have  a tsunami or violent hurricanes. Also more tornadoes are erupting. There are still things that we can do, to help save the rest of what we have on this earth. With that said, here is the ten main causes of global warming:


10. Greenhouse Pollution

Greenhouse Pollution

Cutting down trees without replacing them, causes the earth’s heat to rise to abnormal levels. This because trees and plants oxidize the air that we breath. While we keep finding reasons to remove them, we need to use Greenhouses to grow them. While the take in sun and heat for the plants to grow, they release carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide into the air. There are not just poisonous. They are trapped in the earth’s crust, unable to escape. So they just raise temperatures right across the world. The thing is that we need to find some way to balance this. Planting more trees and plants outside, could help.


9. Air Pollution

Air Pollution

This is one of the main causes of global warming, because vehicles, factories, greenhouses and power plants release harmful gasses into the earth’s atmosphere. The smoke gathers up, forming harmful gasses in the atmosphere. Breathing in these gases can lead to diseases like cancer and skin burns. Plants give us oxygen. When they die, the level of carbon dioxide in the air, will increase, which is a dangerous. poisonous gas. These gasses give off heat, which increases the temperature in the air, causing global warming.


8. The Depletion of the Ozone Layer

Depletion of the Ozone Layer

The Ozone Layer is the layer lining the outside atmosphere of the earth. This protects the surface of the earth, from harmful Ultra-violet rays infrared radiation. These can cause cancer. So the Ozone Layer being depleted is one of the main causes of global warming. This enters harmful gasses to heat up the earth, while the greenhouses gasses do that and make holes in the Ozone Layers. Carbon dioxide and methane tear up the Ozone Layers. When this happens, the earth releases Ultra-Violet Rays making it warmer and increases diseases.


7. Volcanos Are Increasing


Volcano Eruptions are another one of the main causes of global warming. These eruptions contain dust particles, such as sulfur, which stay in the atmosphere for years blocking the sunlight from reaching the surface of the earth. In turn, this cools the earth. These dust particles affects the balance of the atmosphere and they become a contributing factor of global warming. Although Volcanic eruptions could not be controlled, efforts to decrease sulfur could me maintained.


6. Melting of the Glaciers

Melting of the Glaciers

Large Mountains of ice melt, due to the warmer temperatures of the earth, so that new ice can form. These mountains are suppose to help equalize the temperature by lowering the heat. Due to the greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, there is excess melting of the ice. These gasses are melting the ice at much faster rates then the ice forms causing flooding and depreciation of the mountains. There is a chance that the glaciers could disappear forever leaving flooding and less land.


5. Deforestation


Plants take in carbon dioxide and give us oxygen in return to survive. Without them, we no longer have this. So the tearing down of forests is another one of the main causes of global warming.

Plants take in photosynthesis from the sun to supply us with food and oxygen. So when you cut down the forest. the carbon dioxide coming from the greenhouses, power plants, factories and vehicles are going to multiply and eventually kill the human race along with other forms of life.

When you cut down a forest, build another one some where else. This doesn’t just help our planet and the human race, it also helps the wild life so that they are not breaking into people’s homes for food to survive. The forests are their habitat! We don’t want them to die and be extinct as well.


4. Industry


More industries and factories are set up, in this world, to meet our needs. the big factories use large amounts of fuel. They use coal, petroleum for power, and large amounts of electricity for the machines to work. They are another one of the main causes of global warming, because they burn these fuels releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide into the air. This absorbs harmful radiation from the sun, making it warm. The smoke produced, by the factories, is harmful for breathing. All countries are major contributors to this.


3. Chemical Fertilizers

Chemical Fertilizers

These are dangerous to both the earth and human beings. They are huge in the main causes of global warming. The fertilizers are high in nitrogen oxide, which is more dangerous of a gas, then carbon dioxide. The oxides or nitrogen, destroys the ozone layer faster than all these gases. The harmful ultra violet rays enter the atmosphere, leaving the earth warmer.


2. Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels

We burn fossil fuels on a day to day basis. They contain a high percentage of carbon, coal and petroleum along with many other gasses. Burning these fuels, releases large amounts of carbon, which has been stored inside the earth for millions of years. By burning these fuels, the carbon escapes that is extra carbon that is not part of the earth’s cycle. This triggers the carbon dioxide greenhouse gas to come out creating more global warming.


1. Human Activities

Human Activities

We are on the top of the main causes of global warming. Without us, there wouldn’t be any global warming. Then there wouldn’t be any human life either. Our activities are destroying the earth as the fastest rate. The omission of carbon dioxide from our vehicles Smoke from our factories. Carbon Dioxide from our greenhouses. Electricity and gasses. Our fertilizers with nitrogen oxide.

We cut down the forests for businesses and housing. We destroy our trees and plants. We throw garbage all over the place and improperly dispose of it. We are not recycling. We create stuff that can’t dissolve on the earth’s surface. We created gasses that destroy some of our wild life species of animals. Humans have created the warming of the earth which destroys the ecological balance of nature leading to global warming.

To take better care of our earth, we could look for ways to produce cleaner gas products.  Look for ways to plant more trees.  Grow more plants. Make vehicles that don’t send out carbon dioxide. Make cleaner chemicals for the greenhouses. Work together to make our earth a better place to live.

We need to form committees and petition our governments to participate with. us. It’s not to late to slow this down for respect of life and our planet. We might not be able to stop this, but we can make it better for all of us. by taking an active part in respecting all life and nature. This is the only way things are going to get done, that all of us need.


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