Top 10 Largest Hotels in the World

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There are hotels of all sorts of sizes throughout the world. From small boutique hotels to the super sized hotels that could house entire cities. While different individuals are going to look for different options when it comes to hotels, this is a list of the largest hotels in the world for individuals who are just curious or for when someone actually wants to stay in one of the largest hotels in the world.


10. Hotel Moon Palace

Hotel Moon Palace


Rooms: 2,133

At the Hotel Moon Palace, there not only is a golf course, plenty of pools and ocean to swim in and some excellent beachfront property, but an actual dolphinarium. This is basically just an oversized pool where people are able to swim with dolphins and the dolphins provide high fives and kisses to those guests who are looking for as much.


9. Dacheng Shanshui International

Dacheng Shanshui International


Rooms: 2,353

While this is one of the largest hotels in the world, it is not one of the largest in terms of services and benefits. This is one of the cases where the hotel simply wants to be known as one of the largest hotels in the world and crammed as many rooms into the hotel as possible. In fact, if you are visiting the hotel and only speak English, you are in a bit of trouble as there are no English speaking professionals who work at the hotel and it also is thin on amenities. So, while someone might want the experience of staying in one of the top hotels in the world in terms of size, there isn’t anything else to take away from it.


8. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands


Rooms: 2,561

When staying in Singapore, a guest is going to have some of the very best food in the entire world. Of course, it also has some incredible entertainment, and as one of the safest countries in the world, it offers services that very few other countries inside of Southeast Asia is able to provide. The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is just like the nation, as it provides some incredible amenities. In fact, it has a 490 foot long pool and actually a full three times longer than a regulation sized Olympic swimming pool.


7. Atlantis Paradise Island

Atlantis Paradise Island


Rooms: 3,200

The Atlantis Paradise Island hotel is one of the most famous hotels on this entire list, and while there are all sorts of different entertainment options available with the hotel, possibly the most impressive is the large aquarium that has a water slide that goes directly through it. This way, a guest travels through a tube that is surrounded by sharks, stingrays, sawfish and other marine wildlife. Very few other hotels are able to provide this sort of feature.


6. Shinagawa Prince Hotel

Shinagawa Prince Hotel


Rooms: 3,680

Asia likes its extra large hotels, as three of the five five hotels are all located inside of the continent. The different aspect of the Shinagawa is the fact that this hotel is designed more for quick business trips and even backpackers. In fact, there are very few other hotels in the area that are able to charge this small of an amount, without completely reducing the amenities and services. After all, with a hotel this large and over 3,000 rooms, it is possible to make a pretty penny and not charge very much.


5. Sheraton Macao Hotel

Sheraton Macao Hotel


Rooms: 3,896

Macao is essentially in the same boat as Hong Kong. while the island ‘nation’ is owned and technically governed by China, it still has its own laws and rules. However, it is eventually going to be completely controlled by the Chinese (the same is the case with Hong Kong), which means new regulations might be put in place over the incredibly popular gambling circuit, which is actually larger than Las Vegas. The Sheraton is the largest hotel in the area, and for visitors staying at the hotel, there are free snacks offered throughout the hotel and even free beverages during happy hour. With the help of the free drinks, it makes the hotel stay that much more enjoyable.


4. Ambassador City

Ambassador City


Rooms: 4,219

This Thai based hotel takes up 40 acres of beachfront in Thailand, which is located near the city of Pattaya. The hotel itself is made up of five different buildings and has eight restaurants and several different myriad bars and nightclubs, so someone visiting the hotel doesn’t ever have to actually leave the hotel at all. In fact, it has Asia’s largest indoor swimming pool, although the weather is almost always desirable in Thailand, so going for a swim might only be desired when it rains.


3. First World Hotel

First World Hotel


Rooms: 6,118

Southeast Asia is almost completely represented in the list of the largest hotels in the world. With Thailand, Singapore and now Malaysia covered, there are only a few countries that are not on the list…yet. The First World Hotel in Malaysia is painted in some interesting colors, as it essentially looks like a rainbow is bursting from a firework at the base of the two main buildings. The hotel includes its own theme park, a haunted house, bowling alley and movie theater, so there is plenty to see and do for individuals staying at the hotel.


2. MGM Grand

MGM Grand

United States of America

Rooms: 6,852

The United States appears on the list here with the MGM Grand. Although it once served as the largest hotel in the world, it is now just the larges hotel in the United States. There are many different features of the hotel though that are rather impressive. This includes a full 6.6 acres of waterfalls, pools and a river that flows throughout the entire hotel and casino. Inside of the hotel it has its own Cirque du Soleil presentation. With the casino and all sorts of different activities available inside of the hotel, there is always something for someone to do, even if they are not looking to gamble. Of course, being in the hart of Las Vegas, there is always something to do in the city, as the city never sleeps and entertainment never dies. The MGM Grand is one of the largest hotels in the world, as it holds the second spot on the list.


1. Izmailovo Hotel

Izmailovo Hotel


Rooms: 7,500

Not to be outdone by the Americans, Russia has the worlds largest hotel, although it does not have all the pop of the MGM Grand or many of those located throughout Asia. The flat, cold gray cement of the building does look like something that was built decades ago, but it is one of the new options on the entire list. The rather interesting aspect for this hotel is the fact that it was built in Izmailovo. Regardless though, this is the largest hotel in the world, so for individuals who are looking to stay in the largest of the world and are seeking it out, they need to travel to Izmailovo inside of Russia in order to do this. From there, they can determine if the hotel stacks up to the smaller, more confined hotels that are spread throughout the world for all travelers.


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