Top 10 Largest Arms Exporting Countries

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Arms and weapons are used to ensure that the security of a country or state is enhanced. Due to this reason, many countries have engaged in many dealings and transactions to acquire the best and most powerful weapons that will help to ensure security. It has become kind of a race whereby countries compete to acquire the best arms.

Efforts against developments in the field of weapons and proliferation have proved futile as the global arms trade is becoming larger and more developed with each passing day at an alarming rate. This is due to the fact that the vulnerable, and weaker countries have helped tremendously to create a booming business as there need for weapons is on a higher scale. Suppliers of arms, who mostly posses great powers of the world profit a lot from the  booming business through the dealings and transactions as huge amounts of money is paid for the arms. The following is a list of the latest and largest arms exporting countries as at this year 2014 in a top ten-list format from the tenth country to the first country.

Top ten largest arms exporting countries


10. Sweden


Sweden takes the tenth position when it comes to the largest arms exporting countries in the world. In 2012, it experienced a drop in its value of export of arms due to lack of market in Europe because of the unstable state of the economy in Europe. Recently it has picked up and exports arms to countries like Pakistan, India and Thailand. This country is considered among the strongest military forces and has a powerful supply of arms and weapons to other countries. The supply of arms has assisted Sweden to gain huge reserves from this business of exportation.


9. Netherlands


Netherlands is very successful in the production of arms and weapons.It sells a good portion of weapons and arms to countries like Egypt, Australia and many other countries. It has a large supply of arms and produces quiet a number, but the problem is that they do not have a variety of arms as they only have a limited range of firearms.


8. Turkey


In the year 2012, Turkey established good developments in the arms and weapons market.  This year gave them a breakthrough and helped them export many arms. It has maintained its supply of arms to other countries and secured itself in the arms global market at the eighth position.


7. China


This is the upcoming global power, and it does not lag backwards in the share of the largest arms exporting countries. China has made great improvements and movements in the exportation of arms. Their main concern of China as a country is to deal with issues that affect their economy and how they can improve the economy. However, it has not been left behind and has established itself well enough in the global arms trade.


6. Israel


For the past few years, Israel has made tremendous improvements in the exportation of arms. It has exported a significant number of arms in the past year and this has qualified it as one of the largest arms exporting countries. With over a total export of $2.4 billion, Israel has earned this sixth position among the largest arms exporting countries.


5. Germany


Since time immemorial, Germany has been associated with issues to do with war. You realize that Germany has participated in both the two world wars against the allied powers of the world. German has a strong military and political leadership and thus it puts so much importance and emphasis on weapons and arms. It exports a total of $3 billion worth of arms and this has enabled it secure the fifth position.


4. United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Since the colonial years when United Kingdom had great powers, it cemented its relationship in the global arms trade. Currently, UK is also an active participant in the arms trade. This country fought in both the first and Second World War and lately it has been a spot for most military conflicts.  It exports more than $4 billion arms and this gives them a significant role and position in the global arms trade.


3. France


France is the champion when it comes to the exportation of nuclear related technologies around the world. It is interesting to note that it exports more than $ 4.5 billion of arms and weapon globally. This has made them earn the third position among the largest arms exporting countries.


2. Russia


Russia is commonly known to produce powerful machine guns and a range of rifles. It exports a total of about $ 10 billion worth of arms, which is quite a huge amount that gives Russia enough reserves for the country. However, this amount is not close enough to what the number one country exports as there is quiet a significant gap between the two countries.


1. United States

United States

United States is the father of all the largest arms exporting countries. Despite the fact that USA is campaigning against the use of arms and proliferation, it is still a champion in the exportation of arms. The super power country exports up to an amount of $ 28 billion and above which is quite an enormous amount.  The arms trade of USA is so strong and powerful that the country has been able to maintain the leading position in the largest arms exporting countries.


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