Top 10 Highest Bridges in the World

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Bridges are designed to allow transportation between two different points with something running underneath. this might between two mountains, two points of land with water moving underneath or simply to allow traffic to flow easily. Regardless of the situation or the landmass, there are thousands of bridges located throughout the world. However, only some are part of the highest bridges in the world list. While these different bridges are spread throughout the world, the vast majority of these bridges are actually located in China. Over half of the bridges found on the list are in China, so if you are a bridge lover and are looking to check out some truly incredibly feats of engineering and architecture, these different bridges are locations that you simply must check out.


10. Zhijinghe River Bridge

Zhijinghe River Bridge


294 meters (965 feet)

This is actually the world’s highest arch bridge and is truly something to behold. The bridge spends between two different mountain points, allowing transportation over the Zhijinghe River. This way, it is possible to continue driving without having to fine a lower point of transportation. As it is the world’s highest arch bridge, the arch spans the entire length of the bridge, which is 430 meters, or 1,410 feet in length. It was first constructed in 2009 and remains a crown jewel in terms of bridges. Most of the bridges constructed in china on the list of highest bridges in the world have been built within the last decade or so with only a few minor exceptions.


9. Liuguanghe Bridge

Liuguanghe Bridge


297 meters (974 feet)

Just slightly higher than the 10 position, This bridge finished construction in 2001 and is actually one of the oldest bridges on the entire list. At the time of its construction, it served as the highest bridge in the world up until 2003, which shows just how many other bridges have been built since 2001. It is a shorter bridge through, as it is only 240 meters, or 790 feet long.


8. Beipanjiang River 2009 Bridge

Beipanjiang River 2009 Bridge


318 meters (1,043 feet)

This bridge finished construction in 2009 and, while it dod not set any records at the time of it finishing, it is still in the top 10 current of tallest bridges in the world. China enjoys besting itself when it comes to spectacular bridges and it usually spares no expense in doing so. It is also one of the longest bridges on the list at 636 meters, or 2,087 feet.


7. Liuchonghe Bridge

 Liuchonghe Bridge


336 meters (1,102 feet)

This is one of the highest bridges in the world and it just recently finished construction in 2013. It is not terribly long at 438 meters, or 1,437 feet, but it still offers passage over a canyon. The bridge, which currently sits at the number 7 position on the list, is likely to move backwards in the coming years, as China continues to build new bridges that are both taller and longer than this offering.


6. Aizhai Bridge

Aizhai Bridge


350 meters (1,150 feet)

This bridge is currently the world’s highest tunnel to tunnel bridge. This means on both points of the bridge there is a tunnel leading up to the bridge. It also gives drivers a rather interesting burst into the sunlight after driving through a bridge as this is the sixth tallest bridge in the world. Not only is it one of the highest bridges in the world, but it is also one of the longest, as it sits at 1,176 meters, or 3,858 feet. For anyone who is not a fan of heights or extended bridges, this is not the prion, as it is a rather long time before reaching the other end of the bridge.


5. Beipanjiang River 2003 Bridge

Beipanjiang River 2003 Bridge


366 meters (1,201 feet)

At the time of its construction in 2003, this took over the highest bridge in the world up until 2005. As it hangs avow the Beipanjiang River, it is also on the short side as well, as it is about 388 meters in length, of 1,273 feet. This makes it one of the shorter bridges on the list, but it is still at number five for the highest bridges in the world.


4. Baling River Bridge

 Baling River Bridge


370 meters (1,210 feet)

Just slightly higher than the previous entry, this bridge finished construction in 2009, and while it never held any sort of record for tallest or highest bridge in the world, it is still currently one of the most impressive. It is also one of the longer bridges on the list, as it has a total length of 1,088 meters, or 3,570 feet in length.


3. Baluarte Bridge

Baluarte Bridge


390 meters (1,280 feet)

The first bridge to appear on the list and not be from the nation of China, this is the highest cable bridge in the world and the highest bridge in the Americas. It finished construction in 2012, making it a rather impressive sight for anyone who is in North America and looking for an incredible view.


2. Hegigio Gorge Pipeline Bridge

Hegigio Gorge Pipeline Bridge

Papua New Guina

393 meters (1,289 feet)

Finished in 2005, this became the worlds highest bridge from 2005 until 2009. It is also currently the world’s highest pipeline bridge as it helps transport fuel from two different sources. It is a rather average distance of 470 meters though, or 1,540 feet in length.


1. Sidu River Bridge

Sidu River Bridge


496 (1,627 feet)

The highest bridge in the world had to end with China, as after all, it does have eight of the top 10 bridges on the list. Built in 2009, it is still the highest bridge in the world and continues to be so. It is also a rather long bridge as it is 900 meters, or 2,950 feet in length). As it hangs above the Sidu River, it gives a beautiful view of the scenery around the bridge and is not for individuals with the faint of heart or who are afraid of nights, as this is the highest bridge on earth.


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