Top 10 Countries with Highest Teenage Pregnancies

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Teen Pregnancy is still a major problem in the world and there are many countries on the list that would surprise you and some that would not and do not be surprised to find your own country on the list of the Top Ten Countries with the Highest Teenage Pregnancy Rates.

Teenage Pregnancies


10. Poland

Teenage Pregnancies

Poland has a teen pregnancy rate of 18.7 actually tying with Ireland for number ten in this top list of countries with the highest teenage pregnancy rates. Poland has quite a unique history and it would seem that this is a problem for even old European countries. It has been reported that this has reached epidemic proportions in Poland because there are more teen mothers per capita than regular teenage girls who are not yet mothers. It is also said that this is a growing condition making them rank with other European countries that are larger and smaller just because of the growing number.


9. Ireland

Teenage Pregnancies

Ireland has held steady for years in their position with teen pregnancy remaining about the same as it has for a while now. With a rate that ties with Poland at 18.7 percent for tenth place it would seem that this prevalently Irish Catholic country has stayed in this position and could even be growing exponentially because the age of consent is 17 and teen drinking seems to be a big thing between the teens in Irish culture. Teens like to gather in fields and drink at least once a week and go to discos which are normal however if kids are not taught about the risks of pregnancy by their parents or in school, it seems to be a higher problem nationally.


8. Canada

Teenage Pregnancies

Next we have Canada who has a rate of 20.2 percent in teen pregnancy. This rate being in a high position is actually declining in the number of teenage pregnancies per capita. Education seems to be working as the number is lowering among promiscuous teens.


7. Portugal

Teenage Pregnancies

Portugal is at number seven on this list of countries with the highest teenage pregnancy rates. Portugal has the next highest rate at making number six on the highest teen pregnancy rates for countries. It is said that this number is not as accurate as stated due to illegal abortion rates. However Portugal is working on education for young teenagers in the risks of becoming pregnant as a teenager.


6. Iceland

Teenage Pregnancies

It would seem strange that a country named Iceland would be number six on the list of countries with the highest teenage pregnancy rates. It is the highest among the Nordic countries for teenage pregnancy and it is lowering as the years pass. Hopefully as education is growing the numbers for this country will continue to decline. It still remains at number six however with a percent of 24.7 percent.


5. Hungary

Teenage Pregnancies

And at number five we have Hungary making midpoint of countries with the highest in teen pregnancy rates with a rating of 26.5 percent. This is said to be a large social issue in Hungary and abortion rates are much higher amongst teens than older women. Teen pregnancy is still a major issue for young Hungarian women.


4. Slovakia

Teenage Pregnancies

Creeping up is Slovakia with a percentage of 26.9 percent. Slovakia is known for education towards its young adults for the risks of teenage pregnancy however it is still an issue in Slovakia. Seems even with education it will happen anyway on a certain percentile because nothing is safe unless one or the other of the couple is unable to bare children.


3. New Zealand

Teenage Pregnancies

Number three is New Zealand which is 29.8 percent. In New Zealand it seems that poverty is the deciding factor in teenage pregnancy because the more poverty the teen lives in the more chance they have of becoming pregnant as a teenager. It has also seriously increased in the past two decades rising to number three on this list.


2. United Kingdom

Teenage Pregnancies

The runner up to the number one position is the United Kingdom with a rating of 30.8 percent. The reasons for this are poor education in the most poverty ridden areas of the UK and with rates rising at an alarming rate a cultural grasp for education in these areas is still not working as of yet to solve this issue among young ladies who are at risk of becoming teenage moms.


1. United States

Teenage Pregnancies

And surprisingly the United States is in the number one position for countries with the highest teenage pregnancy rates with a 20 percent rise above the United Kingdom at 52.1 percent. Teen pregnancy in the US is at a large rate due to education issues for teenagers and in some parts of culture it is taught that babies come before marriage. Teenage pregnancy being at a high rate is not surprising since the USA has coined the phrase “Baby Mama Drama.”  With cable shows being so popular and young stars like “The Teen Mom” and talk shows over dramatizing the issue the children are not being taught the risks of becoming an adult in their teenage years.

This can be changed with education and time but there will always be a number of teenage pregnancies occurring but the education priority still lies with the parents because teaching children early in life that these risks are there and that if they are not ready for such a grown up responsibility they should be taught so they can avoid this. This is usually a sad thing because many teenagers who become pregnant drop out of school and life to become a mom. There are some great success stories but it is still a great deal to overcome for a teenager and most of the time they end up raising their babies alone.Which can be such a large challenge for such a young age.


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