Top 10 Biggest Roller Coasters in the World

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What does it take to be listed among the top 10 biggest roller coasters in the world? They must have high speed, particularly fast enough to plummet them down the highest grades into their own abyss.  Those roller coasters who incorporate underground tunnels and ravines into their rides unfortunately cannot be registered in this Top 10 Biggest list, which was updated this great year of the roller coaster, 2014.

No standing! Keep Hands Inside!


10. Superman – Ride of Steel

Superman - Ride of Steel

Superman – Ride of Steel = 208 ft. high with 221 foot drop. Located in Six Flags of New England, Amawam, MA and not the fastest nor the highest, but undeniably many consider this roller coaster the best of all rides, anyway! It is in the biggest roller coasters in the world listing by virtue of popular demand.


9. Desperado


Desperado = 228 ft. high with 225 foot drop.  Buffalo Bill’s Resort, Primm, Nevada. The first coaster to break the 200 ft. drop record! This roller coaster still gives what it promises, which is the ride of a lifetime!  It is not the biggest nor the fastest but riders will still get off this ride with their hearts clinging to their eyebrows.


8. Fujiyama


Fujiyama = 259 ft. high with 230 ft. drop. 6708 feet long  with  time of 3:36, Fujiyama is also one of the world’s longest and did we say fastest? Fuji Q, Highland, Yamanashi, Japan. The people who love roller coasters know how to make them big, bad and fast.


7. Shambhala


Shambhala = 249 ft. high with 256 drop. Porta Adventura, Tarragon, Spain.  This is the longest, biggest and fastest of the mountain roller coasters in the world today.  The high speed and mountain terrain combine to give lucky and plucky riders an other worldly experience they won’t forget. This mountain roller coaster ride earns its reputation among the biggest roller coasters in the world.


6. Goliath


Goliath = 259 ft. high with 255 ft. drop. 85 mph. Six Flags Resorts, Valencia, California  Riders of Goliath roller coaster, one of biggest roller coasters in the world, experience serious G force, including possible grey out or black out. Caution might be advised with young children on this ride and others noted for G force strains due to the grey out experience which might be unpleasantly frightening. Unless, of course, that is what they are paying for!


5. Leviathan


Leviathan = 306 ft. high with 300 ft. first drop.  Located in Canada’s Wonderland, Maple, Ontario. This is one of the first two giants out of the company’s highest roller coaster production. A definite winner of the biggest roller coasters in the world competition, its name says it all. It races with speed,  falls from incredibly frightening heights, and lets the G force be with you!


4. Steel Dragon

Steel Dragon

Steel Dragon = 318 ft. high with 309 ft. first drop. Yagashima Spa, Yagashima, Japan. The Japanese are no slouches when it comes to creating G Force roller coaster rides of great height and speed. Over 8100 ft. long, this is the world’s longest biggest roller coaster. You should expect to experience grey out at the very least with the G force on this high ranker on the biggest roller coasters in the world listing!


3. Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror = 337 ft. high, 327 ft. drop.  This has Nothing to do with Disney’s tower rides.  Located in Dreamworld, Queensland, Australia, this Tower takes the rider straight up 337 feet to experience moment of free fall hesitation, and then straight down for a 327 ft. drop,  exciting and gripping and dripping with G forces. This ride is unique and deserving of the very high listing in biggest roller coasters in the world.


2. Top Thrill Dragster

Top Thrill Dragster

Top Thrill Dragster = 428 ft. high with 400 ft. drop.  Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio.  This ride is currently the holder of title of  fastest and highest and certainly the biggest roller coaster in the world! This roller coaster from the state that loves height and speed especially if coupled with spectacular drops comes in as No. 2 in our count down, due to an up and coming new production on the delivery table now.  Can you imagine No. 1?


1. PolerCoaster


PolerCoaster = 520 ft. high with 500 ft. drop. This is an advance announcement that will pique your curiosity and strain your anticipation.  This No. 1 winner of biggest roller coasters in the world list is being built as viewers read about it! It is being constructed in an undisclosed location in theme park crazy Florida and scheduled for grand opening within the next 2 years.  The thrill ride will circle a 520 ft.high tower, and then drop the riders down and around it to the bottom, a 500 ft. drop advertised to be not only the tallest but the fastest roller coaster ride in the world.

There  we have it, for all  who thrill to the unspeakable terrors foisted upon them by metal, wood, height and speed, not to mention the drop from the top.  Nor the fact they will immediately circle around to the line to enter and ride the behemoth rails up so they can cascade down in a stronger than gravity headlong precipitation again.

Why the human psyche is so addicted to experiencing self-induced fear is probably being studied right now in a Think Tank, most likely one dedicated to inventing an even higher, wilder, faster ride with a super colossal spin and drop.


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