Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies 2014

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Intelligence, the main instrument that give a government power and the information it needs to strategically run a single country. Although there is really no exact job description that these intelligence agencies perform it is known that they play a vital role in a given country’s various actions taken in regards to war as well as other hidden agendas and missions. These agencies mainly perform behind closed doors and work towards gathering required information (Intel) needed to successfully complete different missions and assignments. This article will detail some of the top 10 country’s who have the best intelligence agencies.


10. ASIS – Australia 

ASIS - Australia

Known as the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, this intelligence agency is responsible for gathering intelligence from foreign powers as well as overseeing intelligence activities and cooperation actions taken from agencies located overseas. Although their prime concern is the regions surrounding Asia and the Pacific the agency that was once so secret that its own government was unaware of it purposes to keep political and economic interests protected within the country. Furthermore, this agency is one of the best intelligence agencies because it safely protects its people from any known and unknown national threats that may be drawn towards the government.


9. RAW – India

RAW - India

Formed in September of 1968, the Research and Analysis Wing was created  after the involvement in two wars including the Sino-Indian War of 1962. Although the agency was created in hopes that there would be a government agency to gather information it also purposed to deal with terrorism activities as well as covert operations.  Other regulated operations and actions that are carried out by this agency is to take any information gathered from any foreign entity that comes in direct contact with the Indian government. This information is analyzed and then reported to those who are in charge of policymaking initiatives.


8. DGSE – France

DGSE - France

France has one of the best intelligence agencies around the world because of the work alongside the Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence. The Directorate General for External Security is responsible for provided intelligence and national security. Furthermore, this agency, while working amidst the French minister of defenses reign, extracts intelligence from foreign soil that is used for military and other strategic purposes. This intelligence agency operates abroad in regards to paramilitary and counterintelligence actions. Compared to other agencies in the area this agency has not been around for as long but are still effective.


7. FSB – Russia

FSB - Russia

Like so many other intelligence agencies that have been founded around the world the FSB, or the Federal Security Service of Russian Federation, this is one of the best intelligence agencies of the world because they are not only vital in providing foreign intelligence but also surveillance and counter-terrorism. Some of the key areas that are controlled by this specific agency includes counterespionage, drug smuggling, terrorism, organized crime, and (with FSB help) law enforcement. This agency controls all intelligence for surrounding areas including the Soviet-era Cheka, NKVD, and KGB and runs its operations out of the same downtown Moscow offices as the KGB once did.


6. BND – Germany

BND - Germany

Although it may not seem as one of the best intelligence agencies in the world, The BND, or Bundesnachrichtendiendst, is so because of the way their operations are setup. The agency is controlled by the Chancellor’s office and relies upon the usage of wiretapping and electronic surveillance as its means of keeping in contact with international powers. There are several areas that this agency focuses in on, however, their main focus lies in the military and civilian intelligence that is provided. Some key aspects that are in continual search include illegal technology transfers, weapons and drug trafficking, and much more.


5. MSS – China

MSS - China

China’s version of the intelligence agency is in the form of the Ministry of States Security, an agency that deals specifically with taking security measures against the Republic of China through state crimes. The intelligence agency, although dealing with foreign intelligence, mainly deals with the security of the nation through the use of agents who take on missions regarding foreign spies, revolutionaries, and any other threat that may impose potential danger to any and all citizen and government official. Many times agents are sent on undercover operations to parts of China and other places around the world.


4. Mossad – Israel


This agency is considered to be one of the best intelligence agencies in the world because of the many great achievements that it has racked up throughout the many years since its founding in 1949. The agency is mainly carried on the actions taken when it comes to covert operations and gathering Intel, however, there are other involvements. Some of the main issues that the Mossad have been involved in solving include the support given to the United States in the Solidarity in Poland as well as the 1972 Olympics retaliation.


3. ISI – Pakistan

 ISI - Pakistan

Founded in 1948 as a means of strengthening their military intelligence the Inter-Services Intelligence was created as an independent unit. This unit would operated as a unit that is above every existing law in Pakistan. Furthermore, the ISI is one of the best intelligence agencies in the world because there have been 0 double agents among its 10,000 plus membership. Furthermore, these members have never been revealed in their successful attempts to protect their own from enemies such as the KGB in Central Asia and its success in protecting its nuclear weapons.


2. MI6 – United Kingdom

MI6 - United Kingdom

Thanks in part to the perception that has been portrayed on the big screen through the James Bond movies the British have been given the nod for the most effective intelligence agency around the world. Because this agency is considered to be the best intelligence agencies success has been awarded to this group because of the The British Official Secrets Act. This agency is equivalent to that of the United State’s CIA and is noted for the part that it played in the resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis as well as other events that were successfully thwarted.


1. CIA – United States

 CIA - United States

Although there are several other intelligence agencies around the CIA is claimed to be the largest of any. They are considered to be among the best intelligence agencies because they deal solely with foreign intelligence that can only strengthen the policies of America. Although terrorism is still a smudged mark on its record the CIA gathers Intel on any government, corporation, or individual that is foreign and also handles covert operations upon the President’s request. Finally, it handles foreign political influence through its Special Activities Division.

In conclusion, these intelligence agencies are not only the best intelligence agencies throughout the world but are considered the best because of the various skill sets that they are tailored towards. While some specifically deal with the gathering of foreign intelligence for the use of gaining information about foreign affairs others have different methods and purposes. Through the use of different means, measures, and methods these agencies have had various successes in the realm of getting the information required to run and protect their own countries. While some country’s intelligence agencies are rather young there are also many that have been around since the founding of the country.


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