Top 10 Marvel Comics Superheroes

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When you think about Marvel superheroes, you are immersed into wide array of different comic book personalities, strengths, superpowers, goals, stories and images. Comic books have been popular for quite some time, and no doubt you realize the popularity that Marvel specifically has enjoyed not just in print form, but also in the motion picture industry. As you read about the top 10 Marvel Comics superheroes, consider how many of them you’ve seen in the movies.


10. Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer

This comic book hero gets his introduction in another Marvel Comic Fantastic Four, which is a group of superheroes to be mentioned later in the count. The actual name of the superhero is Norrin Radd, and he becomes the Silver Surfer after striking a deal with Galactus. This Marvel superhero has warranted not only comic books but all types of merchandise, as you will see is a common trend in the top 10.


9. The Punisher

The Punisher

The list is a mile long it seems of Marvel Comics superheroes that have been in movies. The Punisher has produced two movies in recent years, and it is one of the most popular Marvel Comic books. The Punisher is a tortured soul who has lost his whole family in a mob shootout, and he employs his own torturous vigilante tactics to get justice against others. He is introduced in the Spiderman comic books before appearing in his own.


8. Captain America

Captain America

For sure you recognize this red, white and blue adorned superhero who is at the helm of two movies in recent years. Steve Rogers is Captain America, and he gains enhanced physical strength and agility through taking a special serum. Did you know that Captain America was first introduced in 1941?


7. Wolverine


This is a name that when spoken makes you realize why the X-Men can’t stand alone in a countdown like this. Wolverine is responsible for two movies in recent years as well on his own, not counting the ones he is in with the whole team. This superhero has retractable claws so to speak and is considered a brute and popular among macho men.


6. Professor Xavier

Professor Xavier

Since the professor is the last one to make the top 10 list, the rest of the X-Men will get their shout out here as well. The professor reads people’s minds, and you can’t get in touch with a much better superhero ability than that. He is very intelligent and is at the helm of the X-Men. As the leader, Professor Xavier is one of the most important X-Men characters. Other characters include Cyclops, Beast, Rogue, Storm, Gambit and more.


5. Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is Nicholas Cage right? In fact, that is probably what the younger generation would say. Ghost Rider is Johnny Blaze, a motorcyclist who has traded his soul for the chance to be a powerful vigilante out for justice.


4. The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk

For decades, this green machine has been a favorite, launching movies in multiple generations, selling millions in merchandise, and inspiring young boys everywhere. The Hulk gets “angry” when people are being bad, and that is when Bruce Banner turns into the green machine. The Incredible Hulk is likely to launch even more motion pictures in the future and continue to be a favorite as it has been for years.


3. The Fantastic Four

 The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four is iconic when it comes to Marvel Superheroes. First introduced in 1961 in comic books, The Fantastic Four features team members like the “Thing,” who was exposed with his fellow crew mates during a space mission to a foreign substance that provided them with their superhero transformations.


2. Iron Man

Iron Man

Iron Man has always been popular, but you can attribute the character’s most recent success in the motion picture industry to its #2 status. Some boys today might even consider him #1 when it comes to the top 10 Marvel Comics superheroes. He is definitely an important member of the team. Iron Man first appears in 1963, and Tony Stark the inventor is his alter ego. Iron Man gets his powers through the use of a power suit that he invented.


1. Spiderman


If you were to have to come up with a name of a superhero that could represent the face of Marvel Comics, this would be the top choice. Most people would agree that Spiderman is the most iconic superhero belonging to the Marvel Comics family. Stan Lee is his creator, and Peter Parker is the alter ego of Spiderman. He is a freelance photojournalist who ends up getting bit by a radioactive spider, transforming him into a human with all spider-like abilities. He can climb buildings, fly using his web shooters and much more. This rounds out the list of the top 10 Marvel Comics superheroes.


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