Top 10 Best Movie Trilogies

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Although there are many movie trilogies that have been made with the sole intentions of replicating a story that has previously been told there are equivalently a small collection that are considered to be among some of the best movie trilogies of all time. These movies were created to not only entertain a particular audience but to tell more of the same story with a different twist through the different plots, character back story, and overall telling of an entirely different story.


10) The Matrix

The Matrix

This Sci-Fi Thriller is considered to be among the best movie trilogies because sci-fi audiences during the specific time period when the movies came out were big fans of the amazing special effects, awesome moves, and overall action that these movies provided. As such, this trilogy was the most popular trilogy during the time. However, despite all of the success that this movie experienced each movie quickly got old really fast and was evident when it came to how much money was made.


9) Toy Story

Toy Story

There is a lot that can be taught from the toy story trilogy. From the lessons that are sprinkled into the story plot on friendship and some difficulties of life this is among the best movie trilogies because it is something that everyone can relate to, both adults and kids. Furthermore,these movies appeal to families so they are even more popular. As a result, there is no reason to believe that the Toy Story movies will be continually popular for a long time.


8) Mad Max

Mad Max

This particular trilogy is included among the best movie trilogies, first and foremost, because its plot represents one that is full of action as can be seen in any of the epic chase scenes throughout the films. Secondly, each of the Mad Max movies stars Mel Gibson, who at the time of production was getting his movie career started. Lastly, these movies make a great trilogy because there are several noticeable one liners that have been said time and time again, becoming popular.


7) Dollars Trilogy

Dollars Trilogy

Undoubtedly among the best movie trilogies of all time not many may know that The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly is one of the movies that are in this particular trilogy; the other two are Fistful Dollars and Few Dollars More respectively. As a result, if the first two movies have yet to be watched it is advised to give them a look because the whole story will come together, especially when watching them in order. Clint Eastwood is the trilogy’s star.


6) Back to the Future

Back to the Future

Starring Michael J. Fox, this trilogy is among the best movie trilogies because of the audience’s love for the characters of these epic movies of the 1980s. This particular trilogy has caused audiences of all ages to want the set even more and, as such, as grown in popularity over time. Even though these movies are from the 1980s the adventures that the Michael J. Fox, the main character, takes are both funny and thrill seeking adventures leaving audiences always searching for more.


5) Dead Trilogy

Dead Trilogy

Although, like any other movie genre, there are many trilogies that can be found in the horror genre the one that is among the best movie trilogies is the Dead movies. This specific trilogy comprises The Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Day of the Dead and are considered to be legendary. While these movies as a whole are available earlier movies may only be available on public domain sources. Nonetheless, these movies are epic in their own way.


4) Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings

Based on the books written by J.R.R. Tolkien this trilogy is considered to be among the best movie trilogies because it is equally considered to be an amazing written work. Full of wonder, splendor, and imagination these three movies are approximately three hours long apiece. Furthermore, these legendary films have won numerous awards and is even critically acclaimed. These movies are considered to be among the best because of the overall story plot, characters, and much more. The story chronicles a journey adventure.


3) Star Wars

Star Wars

Although there are six movies that make up the total collection of Star Wars when the first three movies (IV -VI) were released they would eventually become what would be the most successfully popular movies of them all. This Sci-Fi masterpiece directed by George Lucas. Despite the fact that there have been improvements made to the films through digital remastering and such these films have produced a franchise that makes this trilogy among the best movie trilogies that have ever been produced.


2) The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

In a movie world that is seemingly full of a wide variety of trilogies it is seemed to believe that one type of trilogy should involve the superhero world. Such is the case for the Dark Knight trilogy. An offshoot of the original Batman movies, this trilogy was sadly pushed into successful overdrive after the death of its initial star, Heath Ledger. However, before his death the success of the first movie in the trilogy sparked the success of the future films making this among the best movie trilogies.


1) The Godfather

The Godfather

There are many reasons why this trilogy is in the number 1 spot on this top 10 list. For starters, Francis Ford Coppola was the best director during the time when these movies were filmed. As a whole the plot, characters, and overall world that was created. Furthermore, it is because of the several elements of film that are incorporated into this trilogy that audiences everywhere have come to love this film, thus making it a popular choice and the best among many movie trilogies.

In conclusion, although there have been several movie trilogies that have been made over the years there are only a chosen few that are worthy of being considered in the top ten. No matter the reason it seems that these trilogies are considered because of the stories.


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