Top 10 Best Gangster Movies of All Time

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Gangster movies are the favorites of moviegoers around the world. Why is that the case? The gangster lifestyle in the movies shows a code that the mobsters lived by. In the movies, the mobsters were always the coolest people in the neighborhood, or city. If the mobsters are the coolest people, what are the ten most popular gangster movies of all time?


10. Boyz N the Hood

Boyz N the Hood

Cuba Gooding Jr. played in the lead in this none traditional gangster movie, Boyz N the Hood showed the effects the gangster lifestyle had on the neighborhoods in which the gangsters lived. It portrayed how it affected the families of the gangsters, and the truth of how the lower level gangster’s life really was. In addition, the movie showed what happened to the people that were not in the gang itself. The movie also covered the difficulty for people that live in the neighborhoods to stay out of the gangs.  Gooding Jr. was able to stay out of the gang, but it did show that not all the people were as lucky as he was.


9. The Untouchables

The Untouchables

Most mobster movie put the gangster in the positive light.  The untouchables turned the tables and showed the moviegoer that there are good people that are willing to fight the crime bosses of the world. The problem was that the crime fighters had to fight as dirty as the gangsters are willing to fight. Eventually the good guys did win but at a great cost. The question it asked was it worth the cost to get the one main gangster?


8. New Jack City

New Jack City

New Jack City showed the rise and fall of a massive drug empire.  The film showed the large amount of money that the mobsters made.  Moreover, how incredible that lifestyle can be. Like all gangster films it showed the gangster code, which is very simple do not betray the leader of the gang. Eventually this code led to the fall of the drug empire and the death of the main character.


7. The Departed

The Departed

The Departed showed law enforcement trying to fight organized crime, by having an officer infiltrate the mob from the inside. Then he would report to his superiors about what he found out. Unfortunately as is the case with many mob stories there is a police officer on the payroll of the gangster trying to discover who the mole is.


6. The Gangs of New York

 The Gangs of New York

The Gangs of New York took the fight of neighborhood thug and showed how that individual grew into one of the most power people of his time. Taking place in New York City in the early 1800’s, What that gangster did not know is that in his rise in power he had made many enemies by the children of the people that he had killed or stepped on his rise to power.


5. Casino


The expansion of the mob to the west was the theme of Casino. The main expansion was to Las Vegas. The good news for the main character is that he did not die, he did portray the mob in the east coast and all of his associates were killed, and buried in the Nevada dessert.


4. Scarface


Scarface was the mobster for the new generation. It showed how ruthless you had to be to be a gangster in the 1980’s. The movie also showed how the gangster life always seems to end for the gangster,a shower of bullets and death.


3. Goodfellas


Goodfellas is a great example of how people get caught up in the lifestyle of a gangster. The main character starts his gangster lifestyle as a child and then grows into a “wise guy” as the movie calls the mobsters.  The problem for the main character is he does not want to live that lifestyle when he gets older. Unfortunately, the reality is once you are in the gang you do not get out.


2. The Godfather part II

The Godfather part II

The Godfather part two is probably the best of The Godfather movies. The movie showed the second generation of the Corleone family takes over. Michael, the remaining son takes the family to the next level of a criminal empire. Michael used the tools that most mobsters use which is fear and greed to raise the Corleone family to new heights.


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1. The Godfather

The Godfather

The Godfather is possibly the very first of the gangster movies that was willing to show an unedited version of the mobster lifestyle..  The Godfather showed the brutality of the life of gangster life.  It also showed the loyalty given by the gangsters, and the people that protect the gangsters, from the police to judges and politicians. The movie also showed how easy it was for a young boy (Corleone) could become the most dangerous gangster of his time.

People love movies about the gangster lifestyle. Not all the movies are that good but they all do make the same statement.  If you want to live by the sword, you will die by the sword. The top ten gangster movies show that premise repeatedly. The movies focus on the violent side of being a gangster. They also show the gangsters living by a code of ethics. That code of ethics is what makes people flock to see gangster movies in droves. People probably really would rather live dangerously by a code of ethics then live safety, then live without any form of ethics.


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