Top 10 Best PC Games of 2013

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While there are plenty of video games that have yet to be released, this year has been a great one for gamers so far. From unique indie titles to AAA masterpieces, this list of top 10 best pc games of 2013 has something for everyone. Each game in this list was placed based on their average review score.


#10 Saints Row IV (Average Score: 86)

Saints Row IV

The Saints Row series went from being considered a GTA rip-off to one of the most ridiculous open world game franchises ever made. Players assume the role of the President of the United States and end up fighting an alien race with a Matrix-style simulation, with super powers and an armory full of weapons. In addition, the game’s character customization blows most out of the water. Want to play as an overweight man with a high-pitched voice, silver skin, and solid black eyes? Go for it!


#9 Tomb Raider (2013) (Average Score: 86)

Tomb Raider

This reboot may have caused a bit of concern when announced, it’s also a fantastic origin story for Lara Croft. After becoming stranded on an uncharted island, Lara is forced to survive numerous enemies while searching for her friends and exploring her new surroundings. There are a few too many quick time events and gruesome death animation, but the good parts shine bright in this game.


#8 Papers, Please (Average Score: 87)

Papers, Please

Created by Lucas Pope, this indie game lets players assume the role of an Border Control Agent for the fictional country of Arstoszka during the early 1980’s. The player’s goal is simple: make enough money to take care of your in-game family. There are quite a few rules to follow and they can increase based on certain events (terrorist attacks, crime waves, ect.). It’s easy to play, but examining documents become more difficult as time goes on.


#7 The Swapper (Average Score: 87)

The Swapper

This puzzle platform title shines with its claymation art style, complex level design, and cloning mechanic. Player takes control of an astronaut that reluctantly is sent to an abandoned space station with a cloning device. Each clone replicates the movements of its predecessor and requires some trial and error to move on to the next puzzle. It’s a must-play for fans of Portal and Metroid.


#6 Guacamelee! (Gold Edition) (Average Score: 88)


This charming platform title takes players on a journey as a Mexican wrestler, fighting enemies with melee combos in the land of the living and dead. It’s a little short by today’s standards, but this game has great visuals, music, plenty of upgrades to buy, and enough enemies to fight.


#5 – Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) 2 (Average Score: 89)


As the only Free-2-Play title on the list, DOTA 2 is a challenging game with hundreds of characters to choose from and a large amount of variety to keep players occupied until their PCs crash permanently. There is a steep learning curve, but those who dig in and invest enough time into it will be rewarded with an amazing experience.


#4 Gone Home (Average Score: 90)

Gone Home

This simple indie game encourages players to explore the Greenbriar family’s home through the eyes of the eldest daughter, Katie. There are no enemies to fight: just a house with a library of postcards, letters, photos, and more to find. The more items players read and examine, the more they learn about the Greenbriars. It’s a captivating and ambitious experience that must be played by all.


#3 Fez (Average Score: 91)


This charming, 8-bit indie platformer not only brings pure joy to those that play it, but also brings something new to the mix: dimensional shifting. Players guide the main character, Gomez, through numerous areas to re-assemble a cube that exploded and brought the game’s universe to a screeching halt. By changing the perspective of the world itself, those who play are able to find hidden paths, items, and cube bits that would have remained unnoticed otherwise.


#2 Spelunky (Average Score: 92)


Rounding out the platformers and indie games in one shot, this adventure title has a simple goal: survive and loot. With randomly generated levels, numerous traps, countless enemies, and same-screen cooperative play, this little piece of entertainment has a lot to offer.


#1 Bioshock Infinite (Average Score: 94)

Bioshock Infinite

The top spot is one that was rightfully earned with this entry to the popular First-Person Shooter franchise. Gamers play as Booker DeWitt, a former Pinkerton agent, who must go to the Nationalist floating city of Columbia to find a girl named Elizabeth to wipe away a debt. However, things spiral out of control to the point that both must help each other to escape the chaos around them. With outstanding story elements and gameplay elements, it’s no wonder that this game has been praised by so many and given the FPS genre a much needed boost.

This is our list of the top 10 best pc games of 2013, which ones do you like the best?


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