Top Ten Countries With Most Airports

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In the movie Up in the Air, George Clooney traveled from city to city.  He would jump from airport to airport to do his job.  His job was not the most positive, since he went around and terminated people from the employment of the company he worked for. Clooney would travel around to get air miles because he had a goal of getting one-million air miles before he stop working in his current position.  The part that made Clooney’s job worthwhile was the different airports that he traveled.  As he traveled, the viewer has to see different airports.  It is too bad that he did not travel out of the country.  Imagine all of the airports that are throughout the world.  How fast could Clooney have gotten if he traveled to the different countries throughout the world?  Which country has the most airports?


10. Indonesia


Indonesia is a country comprised of thousands of islands, located in Southeast Asia. The population has over 238 million people. If Clooney flew in an Indonesian airport, he would not get many miles because it is a small country, and planes are more of an easy mode of transportation throughout the country.


9. Paraguay

Silvio Pettirossi International Airport

Paraguay is in the middle of South America.  The challenge for Clooney to gain travel miles would be that most of Paraguay’s airports do not have paved runways.  The other problem for Clooney, there is only two airports in the country that have the ability to take in jumbo jets. .


8. Colombia

Colombia airport

Columbia has the busiest airports in Latin America.  Most of the cargo planes come from this region of the world.  It would also work for Clooney’s character because the country is big enough to gain miles rapidly, but he may have to share a plane with some kind of cargo.


7. Bolivia

Bolivia airport

Bolivia is another country that is located in South America but is small.  The country has only sixteen airports with paved runways, even though they have hundreds of airports throughout their country.  traveling in this country could be difficult because you would have to plan your trip to and from the airports because so few of them are paved and you cannot land a large jet on the majority of those airports.


6. Argentina

Ministro Pistarini International Airport

Being the second largest country in South America, the country has many places that can allow planes to land.  The biggest airport that is located around the Buenos Aires area takes care of seventy percent of the planes that travel to that country.


5. Russia

Vnukovo International Airport

Russia is the biggest country in the world, which would give Clooney’s character a chance to build up many miles.  When he is done in this country, he could have a huge chunk of the million miles he wants to accumulate.  There are other areas in Russia that Clooney could go to, such as Siberia.  That could be a quick trip, it is Siberia after all, and very cold.


4. Canada

Toronto Pearson International Airport

Canada is the second largest country in the world.  The busiest places to catch a plane are in one of Canada’s three largest cities.  Toronto is the largest of the three.  This would be rather boring to travel to just three cities, although those cities are some of the most beautiful cities in North America.


3. Mexico

Aeropuerto International Benito Juárez

If Clooney were to travel to Mexico, he would not get many miles because the size of the country is not very big, but it is the largest country in Central America.  Mexico is also a country that is very nice to visit, so many of the airports are located in areas that are designed for tourist.


2. Brazil

Galeão International Airport brazil

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world.  In 2014, this will be a destination point for the world to go to, as Brazil is the home of the World Cup, making their airports a very busy place to be.


1. United States

Orlando International Airport

The United States has the biggest number of airports in the country.The U.S has more than three times the number of airports inside its border.Brazil has a third of the total airports in it compared with the U.S.With so many airports, it would be easier to accumulate miles in the U.S. than any other country.

Flying around the world is challenging, no doubt about it.  You have to plan when you want to leave and how long it may take you to get there.  Take for example if you were to travel in Paraguay you would have to travel to one of the airports that can handle a jumbo jet then drive to the place you want to visit, adding time to your trip, and could taketime away from your fiesta time if you are traveling there for relaxation. If you lived in the world that the movie Up in the Air created a world that you would travel to many places and enjoy all the different airports across the U.S.  What makes the U.S. airports so good is that you can fly into any major city in the country and land in that particular city and you can leave the airport and go to the city you are staying in quickly.