Top 10 Best Degrees in the World

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The economic and political demands of the world dictate the choices people make in picking degree programs for their professions. The local and international labor market demands strongly affect how individuals decide on their choice careers. In response, top universities and institutes all over the world keep a special eye on growing demands and trends and offer relevant programs to students. This is expected to attract more students who want to start their careers with jobs that show potential. They will most likely benefit by choosing degrees that ensure high-paying occupations in the future. It is very important to determine the best degree programs demanded by the market. What follows is a list of the top ten best degrees in the world that might provide an insight on the right degree programs to get into. This serves as a guide regarding the most popular university offerings in industrial countries. These programs have high density enrollment in top institutions because they are seen as the ticket to careers with excellent pay and benefits packages.


10. Health Administration

Health Administration

First in the listing of top ten best degrees in the world is Health Administration. Health administration is management and administration of complex public health systems, hospitals, and healthcare networks. The field needs highly competitive people with great skills, training and experience. Since there is now an increasing demand for quality health care in most countries, attractive employment prospects are drawing many to pursue careers in health administration.


9. Healthcare


In this particular category are 3 big healthcare fields that are very popular because of the demands in the health sector. Dentistry is one of the very well paid professions. Worldwide, people care about their teeth and are willing to spend a lot of money for it. Another big earner is in the field of Medicine. Although you have to invest in tuition expenses and several years in medical school, the income of practicing physicians can pay off all student loans and then some. Be advised that this occupation requires hard work and extended hours. The third money-maker is Pharmacy. Same with the Medicine, Pharmacy involves dedication and longer hours.


8. Engineering


Despite economic difficulties, more and more countries are bustling with development. It seems the whole world is very busy in the construction of roads, buildings and bridges. A lot of universities improved their course offerings in the field of Engineering because of the observed trend. The Engineers that the top schools are producing nowadays are highly skilled and talented to meet what the world demands.


 7. Law


Law is one of the most prestigious professions and with it comes money. As culture and society are becoming more sophisticated, company lawyers, judges, solicitors and barristers are very much in demand. Of the top ten best degrees in the world, the field of law is actually struggling to keep up with the very high demand.


6. Computer Science

Computer Science

Information technology is never static. It is always evolving and improving. For more than 20 years, demands on computer science professionals keep increasing. There are millions of computer science students hoping to join the world of information technology. Because of this, quite a number of specialized computer schools have sprouted around the world. Every year new kinds of course offerings are introduced to keep up with the dynamic growth of the information technology industry. It is no longer a surprise to hear fresh graduates getting excellent pay and benefits.


 5. Finance, Business and Marketing

Finance, Business and Marketing

Any degree program that tackles money is bound to give you the map to get to a lot of money. Accountants all over the world are paid top money and are also taking in freelance accounting jobs on the side which brings in a lot of money as well. A degree in business is also a quick path to a lucrative salary. Marketing professionals are there to help people make money by repackaging their business or product to make it look more eye-catching. That particular ability is already an art form and pays extremely well.


4. Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

According to a Georgetown University research, experienced chemical engineering graduates are paid really well. With the boom in different industries across the globe, demand for chemical engineers is enormous. Graduates work in different sectors but a lot are in the petroleum industry.


3. Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies

Of the top ten best degrees in the world, environmental studies is the newest world interest. The whole world is facing depletion of resources. That is why a lot of companies, organizations and even countries hire environment studies experts. They have started making the environment as their main concern, especially for businesses, as this tends to be more appealing to clients.


2. Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Much of the future of the medical industry lies in the hands of biomedical engineers. They are the ones responsible for the sophisticated medical instruments, equipments and technology. And because of this, those in the biomedical engineering field receive premium salaries.


1. Human Resource

Human Resource

To round out the list of the top ten best degrees in the world is the human resource. It is management of the most important asset in an organization, the employees. The call for human resource people will never stop. As long as there are people to manage and take care of, there will always be a human resource sector. Every fine-tuned firm, government, company or institution has a human resource department. Due to rising need for professionals in this industry, universities have started beefing up their curriculum with degree programs in human resource.


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