Top 10 illuminati Symbols

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The term illuminati is a name that has been given to different groups that are both real and fictional. The term itself comes from an individual known as Bavarian Illuminati, who held a good amount of influence in Germany and throughout Europe. However, since then, the term illuminati has gone on to represent specific groups that usually hold a good amount of power and who usually have a considerable amount of intrigue. These groups are usually in the shadows, yet each has specific means behind symbols and other information that is readily available and in plain sight throughout the world, it is just that normal citizens might not realize what the symbol is, what it means and where it comes from. Truth be told, there are illuminati symbols throughout the world and in regular occurrences, with most individuals actually using material with illuminati symbols placed right onto the content they are holding. While there are dozens, if not hundreds of illuminati symbols found throughout the world, these are the top 10 illuminati symbols found throughout the world.


10. All Seeing Eye

All Seeing Eye

The all seeing eye is a symbol that has been around for some time now and it is rather prevalent inside of the United States. In fact, if someone were to just look on the back of a dollar, they would see the all seeing eye floating above the top of a pyramid. It is also part of the Great Seal of the United States. Essentially, the All Seeing Eye is able to oversee all of those individuals around them as they help build up their empire. When looking at the dollar, there are 13 steps up the pyramid. Some might argue these represent the 13 colonies of the United States. However, there are also 13 illuminati Bloodlines that essentially rule over the entire planet. When it comes to the American dollar, it is said the eye represents God who looks over and cares after the United States. There is also supposedly some connection to the Free Masons, as the All Seeing Eye represents the Great Architect of the entire Universe (essentially, someone who constructed and designed the universe, not terribly different form the idea of a God).

The All Seeing Eye is used throughout other images that are in plain view of the public, including the CBS logo, and the Masonic tracing board found in Germany.


9. El Diablo

 El Diablo

This devils horn logo can often be connected with the illuminati. Often times, occults would high symbols in plain sight, but make it appear as if it is part of regular life. The horns, created by pinching the two middle fingers of a hand together with the thumb while raising up the pinky and the index finger, is said to represent the devil and showed a connection between different occultists and Satan worshipers. Now, it is most often known as a connection with the University of Texas, as fans and members of the school use it to represent the Texas Longhorn logo.


8. Pyramid


While most individuals know the pyramids as the incredible constructions located in Egypt, there is a connection with the illuminati as well, which is why it is on the top 10 illuminati symbols found in the world. The pyramid represents power and how a single point rules the entire universe. There are links with it that connect to the Free Masons, as George Washington is represented in the Washington National Monument, which comes together in the point of a pyramid. The pyramid appears throughout the world, including the Supreme Court of Israel, the George Washington Masonic National Memorial and, again, the United States dollar.


7. Owl


The owl is a symbol of knowledge. An owl is located inside of Bohemian Grove, which is a camp located in California inside of the Redwood forrest. The symbol sat over the planning of the Manhattan Project, which brought about the atomic bomb, in addition it was the symbol of where both Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon meet in order to determine who would run for president. The owl also makes all sorts of different appearances, including the U.S. dollar bill. It is very small, and difficult to see, but in the front, upper right corner of the bill there is a “1” with a rather intricate crest behind it and leafs coming out of both sides. In the upper left corner of the crest, right where the leaf comes in contact, there is a small owl present.


6. The Pentagram

 The Pentagram

The pentagram is often connected to the devil and is a symbol for Satanic worship. It can also promote the experimentation and utilization of black magic. The pentagram is also known as the Baphomet, which first appeared on idols during the trials of the Inquisition, which was part of the Knights Templar. The pentagram was designed to protect individuals against demons, although it has now come to represent evil. Washington D.C. has a street layout that is based on the original pentagram layout, and it is also a symbol found inside of the Free Masons.


5. 666


The number 666 is found inside of the Bible in the book of Revelations as a representation of the Anti-Christ. This is an individual who is going to take over the New World before the second coming of Jesus. A prominent symbol for 666 is when an individual makes an OK finger sign and places it over their eye.


4. Skull


The skull and crossbones is an illuminati symbol for mortality and is found throughout the world, inside of a Yale University fraternity, part of the Free Masons initiation procedure and is also connected to pirates.


3. Fire


Fire represents enlightenment and the coming of the new world. Fire is seen in all sorts of symbols throughout the world, including the Statue of Liberty and Prometheus, the statue located in Rockefeller Plaza in New York.


2. Nazi Salute

Nazi Salute

The raising of the hand outward was adopted by the Nazi’s in order to essentially show a sign of respect towards superior officers and individuals. However, Hitler and the Nazi’s often repurposed old items and symbols for their own meanings. The swastika itself is a Hindu symbol, but the Nazi’s adopted it for themselves and turned it on its end (instead of flat) to represent their own order. The Nazi solute came from ancient Roman solutes. The salute can be found now in common practice for slight waving towards individuals, is found on the CFR Foreign Affairs magazine and even hailing a taxi cab.


1. Obelisk


The obelisk is an illuminati symbol that is designed to center the major powers of a group, individual or belief. Illuminati placed obelisks to represent their beliefs and to showcase the specific information to the world around them. Obelisks are found throughout the world and are rather prominent in different locations. The Washington Monument is an obelisk, as is the Cleopatra’s Needle in New York City. London marks financial centers with the utilization of an obelisk and even the Vatican uses obelisks inside of Saint Peter’s Square, in order to represent spirituality. All of the obelisks are used to represent something specific to the group using it.


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