Top Ten Most Weird Looking Birds

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There are many types of birds in this world and while most of them are beautiful some are downright weird looking. Here is a list of the Top Ten Most Weird Looking Birds:


10. Peafowl


Peacocks are generally a very beautifully colored bird. However, there is a type of Peacock that is simply white all over, giving this bird a really weird look. When it comes to the magnitude of the peacocks, white peacocks and Indian Blue are very similar, with the only difference being the obvious difference in color.


9. Shoebill 


The Shoebill bird is an African bird dating back to the prehistoric days. Its fur is a grayish blue shade that has legs which are long and black. The bill on the bird’s  face looks like a shoe, which is where the  bird gets its name from. With a thick neck and substantial wings, this bird is what most people would consider weird looking.


8. Greater Sage-Grouse

Greater Sage-Grouse
Greater Sage-Grouse is a North American species of bird that resembles a chicken bird. It is normally gray with a black  belly and feathers that are long and spiky and don’t much look like the feathers people are accustomed to seeing on birds.


7. Andean Cock-of-the-rock

Andean Cock-of-the-rock

The Andean Cock- of -the- Rock is a bird that is partly black and partly brightly colored, often orange. The lower body of this bird is black while the upper body of it is bright if the bird is a male and paler if the bird is a female.


6. Quetzal


The Quetzal is a brightly colored bird more often spotted in Central America than anywhere else in the world.The male variety of Quetzal all boast a long tail that can be as much as three feet long. Their tales tend to rip when they try to fly from tree to tree. This requires them to have to jump as people jumping out of a helicopter with a parachute would.When they are spotted in a tree they are all curled up, adding to their weird look.


5.  Roseate Spoonbills

Roseate Spoonbills

The Roseate Spoonbills have a bald head and a pink body as well as pink legs. Though they are bald on the tops of their heads this part of their body looks green. Boasting a mandible shaped like a spoon the Roseate Spoonbills are large birds. Their wingspan is long and they are waders.


4. Helmeted Hornbill

Helmeted Hornbill

Helmeted Hornbills are most often spotted in Malaysia, South Thailand, Borneo and Sumatra as well as South Myanmar. They are large birds that are white and dark brown in color. With extremely short red bills they can look very weird to most people. The females Helmeted Hornbills have a patch of blue on their throat while the male Helmeted Hornbills have a patch of red on their throat. This furrowed and unadorned patch of feathers on these birds are part of what makes them so unusual. These birds have one long feather that stretches from their bills’ base to almost the tip of their bills.The end of the feather is very solid physically, and actually compromises for close to 10% of the bird’s weight.


3. Sri Lanka Frogmouth

Sri Lanka Frogmouth

The Sri-Lanka Frog Mouth is a tropical bird most often seen at nighttime. Sri Lanka and Southern India are the homes of this particular type of bird. Of all the various species of Frog Mouth the Sri-Lanka Frog Mouth is the world’s smallest. These birds can often have bills that are very flat and very large. The gaping of their mouths reminds most people of a typical frog.


2. Kiwi


Kiwis are among the few living birds dating back to prehistoric times. These nighttime birds are commonly seen in New Zealand. They are roughly the same size as a domesticated chicken one might raise on a farm. Female Kiwis are considerable larger in size than male Kiwis are. Both males and females have feathers that are so dark and course they often look like human hair. They also both have wings that are only two inches long and they do not have a tail as other birds do.


1. Hoatzin


The Hoatzin is an aboriginal bird the same size as the average pheasant. They have dark brown feathers, though the tips of their feathers are a much lighter shade of brown. With a blue face and maroon colored eyes they stand out among weird looking birds. On top of their head they have dark brown spiky feathers that somewhat resemble a mohawk on a human being’s head. While they have large necks they also have very small heads. Newborn Hoatzins who have just hatched often have no feathers but their feathers grow in quickly while they are still babies. The physical features of a Hoatzin are the same as the physical features of Archaeopteryx. The Hoatzin is a bird most often found in the Amazon swamps but is also seen in  South Africa and Orinoco Delta.

These top ten most weird looking birds are not ones that are found in the U.S. but people traveling overseas are often lucky enough to see at least some of the birds in this list right in front of their face. Nature lovers may travel to these locations specifically to view these weird looking and sometimes rare birds. While the birds everyone is familiar with receive attention from bird watchers the ones on this list don’t always. Each of these weird looking birds is a fine sight to behold and many must be seen in order to be believed.