Top 10 Smallest Animals in the World

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Nature is truly a wondrous thing and our planet is gifted with being home to a plethora of all types of different species; with more being discovered all the time. With the many discoveries, there have been some animals that have boggled the mind simply because of their size. Below is an astonishing and amazing list of the top ten smallest animals in the world.


1. Pygmy Marmoset

Pygmy Marmoset

First on the list of the top ten smallest animals in the world is the pygmy marmoset, which is one of the smallest types of monkey on the entire planet. An adult of this tiny monkey breed only weighs about 4-5 ounces and grows to a mere 6 inches long. This type of monkey can be found in the Amazon rain forest where, as expected,  they do cute things like leaping between trees and eating tree sap and  insects. Although these adorable little monkeys have sharp claws and teeth they are relatively docile and are a favorite on the exotic-pet market.


2. Miniature Horse

Miniature Horse

Miniature horses are found all over the world; especially in the Americas and Europe. These beautiful creatures are called miniature horses because of their height which,  dependent on the particular breed registry being utilized, is usually less than 38 inches. The friendly nature of this horse makes it an excellent family pet.


3. Bee Hummingbird

Bee Hummingbird

Next, on the list of the top ten smallest animals in the world, is the zunzuncito or bee hummingbird. It  is the smallest living bird and call be found in the woodlands and dense forests of Cuba. These tiny bee-sized hummingbirds weigh in at less than an ounce and are approximately two inches long. However, don’t let the small size fool you, like their bigger hummingbird brethren, bee hummingbirds are strong and swift fliers capable of beating their wings over 70 times a second.


4. Philippine Tarsiers

Philippine Tarsiers

The Philippine tarsier is indigenous to the islands of Philippines and is, probably, the most peculiar looking animal on this list because of its disproportionately large eyes. It is one of the smallest species of primates and grows only to the size of an adult male’s hand. It is a nocturnal creatures and prefers to dine on a diet that mainly consists of insects.


5. Miniature Pig

Miniature Pig

The miniature pig is a type of pig that was developed for use in medical research in Europe but was introduced to the United States as a pet in the 1980s. Since then this tiny pig has been used for medical research in studies all around the world; usually as an organ source to be used for organ transplantation. The average height of full grown miniature pig can be anywhere from 16-26 inches tall at their haunches.


6. Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox

The fennec fox is found in the deserts of North Africa and is prone to being active at night. It has unusually large ears, its most distinctive features, which are used to keep the animal cool in the desert heat. It is the smallest fox in the world and its ears, measuring an astonishing 6 inches, seem like they would be better served on the head of a much bigger relative.


7. Panda Cow

Panda Cow

The panda cow is a type of tiny cattle that has markings that are similar to those on  a giant panda. At last count, there were only a few left in all the world. This miniature panda cow is the result of a mutation and its markings, a white swath around the animal’s belly and a panda-like face with markings around the eyes, are this creature’s most distinctive feature.


8. Pygmy Rabbit

Pygmy Rabbit

The pygmy rabbit is the smallest type of rabbit in the world and is primarily found in North America. The adult pygmy rabbit weighs about one pound and grows to an approximate length of 11 inches. They are generally limited to areas with tall and dense sagebrush which is used for protection and food. Pygmy rabbits are one of two species of rabbits that build their own burrows and, with the aid of  extensive sage thickets, keep them protected from predators.


9. Paedocypris


The paedocypris has the title of being the world’s smallest fish and is found in Southeast Asia. A member of the carp family, it is also the worlds smallest vertebrate. These tiny, virtually see through fish look like larvae swimming in the tea colored acidic waters that they call home.


10. Golden Frog

Golden Frog

Finally, on our list of the top ten smallest animals in the world, is the golden frog. This breed of frog is endangered and considered to be the smallest frog breed in the world.  Adults of this breed of frog only grow to an approximate length of 9 millimeters when their legs are drawn.

The top ten smallest animals in the world make up a remarkable list of primates, fish, birds and more. Taking a look at these beautiful creatures only makes it more evident how special this planet is.


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