Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs in the World

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While all dogs can be trained to be loyal family members, there are some that can become hostile if they are not trained and cared for properly or mistreated. Our list of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs In the world is a testament to this fact. Each breed was selected based on the number of bite fatalities that have happened to humans by the breed, as discovered through a 20-year study conducted by the Journal for the American Veterinary Medical Association.


#10 Saint Bernards with 7 Fatalities

 Saint Bernards

As rescue dogs, Saint Bernard dogs are one of the most iconic dog breeds on this list. In the study, it showed 7 fatalities attributed to this breed. These dogs also grow to around 30-inches in height and a weight of 150 pounds, which can make them very difficult to control, if they do not get proper care and training.


#9 Great Danes with 7 Fatalities

Great Danes

Originally bred for hunting wild game, Great Danes can grow to the same height as the previous breed, but with a much more athletic physique. This also makes them not safe around children and some adults. 7 fatalities were found caused by this breed in the study from 1979 to 1998.


#8 Chow Chow with 8 Fatalities

Chow Chow

Even though they look sweet, Chow Chows are known to have very aggressive personalities. They lash out at strangers in protection of their domain as they are territorial creatures. These dogs could also lash out towards their owners if they become bored or do not get enough exercise. The study shows 8 fatalities because of this breed.


#7 Dobermans with 9 Fatalities


Used mostly as guard dogs, Dobermans are an equal mix of aggression and intelligence. While all of the other dogs on this list can become dangerous to owners, this particular breed is extremely loyal. The only ones that have to worry about a Doberman are total strangers. 9 fatalities were discovered through the study


#6 Malamutes with 12 Fatalities


Malamutes may look like another breed on the list namely the Husky, but their larger bodies make them unsafe around kids and smaller animals. However, they are very useful for manual labor and as sled dogs in arctic regions. 12 fatalities were found by the study.


#5 Llops with 14 Fatalities


The Llop (Arctic Wolf & Malamute mix) and other wolf-dog hybrids are notorious for being difficult to train due to their high prey drive and overall aggressive behavior. If someone wishes to own one, it’s best to seek the help of a professional, before training this type of dog himself. The study discovered 14 fatalities for this breed.


#4 Huskies with 15 Fatalities


Huskies are known for being the primary choice for pulling sleds in arctic areas. However, they can become quite aggressive without proper obedience and also have the same level of prey drive as the Grey Wolf. If trained well, they will become great companions just like every other breed in existence. However, 15 fatalities are linked with this breed through the study.


#3 German Shepherds with 17 Fatalities

German Shepherds

The number-1 choice for police and military units, German Shepherds are known for their high level of intelligence and aggressiveness. They are also quite large when fully grown at 25-inches in height and a weight of 82 pounds, which makes them very unsafe to have if not properly trained. The study shows 17 fatalities for this breed.


#2 Rottweilers with 39 Fatalities


Rottweilers may be around the same size as the previous breed in terms of height, but also they are the second heaviest breed on the list at a whopping 110 lbs when fully grown, in some cases. Another reason they are up at the top of the list is their aggressive outbursts, as they will become hostile very quickly if an owner isn’t careful. Proper training is mandatory with all breeds, but it’s very important with Rottweilers. 39 fatalities were discovered through the study for this dog breed.


#1 American Pit Bull Terriers with 66 Fatalities

American Pit Bull Terriers

Not only is this breed number 1 on the list for the 66 fatalities caused in the study’s 20-year period, it’s also the prime choice for illegal dog fighters. Their muscular build is the reason that most cite for this type of activity. In some areas, it is illegal to own one due to the number of non-fatal attacks poorly trained pit bulls inflict onto humans and other house pets. This being said, a properly trained member of this breed can become the most affectionate and playful dog on the list.

It is easy to see why these dogs made our list for the Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs In the world. This does not mean you should not own them. It only means you need to take care to train them right if you do own any of them.


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