Top 10 Fastest Animals in the World

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Today we are going to look at the top ten fastest animals in the world. Now the difference here is that we are going to focus on the animal’s average running speed, because that is the fairest and easiest way to judge all the animals.


10. Gray Fox

Gray Fox

First on our list coming in at number 10 is the gray fox. Yes a cousin to the dog the gray fox is one of the fastest animals in the world, which helps when it comes to hunting other animals.   The average speed for this animal tops out at 42 miles per hour.


9. Coyote


Next on our list is another cousin to the dog; coming in at number 9 is the world famous coyote. Yep that dog made famous from western movies is one of the fastest animals in the world. They eat a lot of small animals so they have to be quicker than what they are chasing or else they will go hungry. They are usually found in America. Their average speed clocks in at 43 miles per hour average speed.


8. Cape Hunting Dog

Cape Hunting Dog

We have two cousins to the dog in at 10, and nine. Can we get a trifecta as they say??? Yes we can. Coming in at number 8 is a dog itself. They are called the Cape Hunting Dog, or the wild hunting dog. They are found in Africa and they are very fast animals.  Their average speed is 44 miles per hour.


7. Elk


Now we are looking at number 7 and this time we are not looking at a cousin of the dog at all. This time we are looking at the cousin of the deer. This animal is the well-known elk and they are very fast contrary to what you would believe by their size. Their average speed is 45 miles per hour.


6. Horse


Number 6, is not a cousin to any animal we have looked at, but when you think about it they are very fast. The quarter horse is next on our list and they are commonly known as race horses. They are very beautiful horses. Their average speed is 48 miles per hour.


5. Wildebeest


Number 5…..This will surprise a lot of people and it is the wildebeest. It is a cousin of the elk maybe and their average speed is…50 miles per hour.


4. Lion


Next up is number 4. The king of the jungle. Yes the lion comes in at number five which may surprise a lot of people because of their size. However if one was chasing you, well you would be out of luck. Their average speed is 51 miles per hour.


3. Springbok


Number 3 and number 2 almost resemble each other. Number 3 is the Springbok and their average speed is 56 miles per hour.


2. Antelope


And number 2 looks like their cousin and it is the antelope. The antelope almost looks like the Springbok and their speed is 61 miles per hour.


1. Cheetah


The question is who number 1 is and it will be a surprise to no-one. The cheetah is by far the fastest animal and it comes in at a quick average speed of 70 miles per hour.


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