Top 10 Best Large Dog Breeds

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Are you ready to get a new dog around the house. As long as you aren’t living in an apartment, it might be time to consider getting a large dog breed. Large dogs are often very intelligent and loyal. Larger breeds are easier to train and can be very protective of their owners. This list of top 10 best large dog breeds should help you pick out a winner for the home.


10. Great Dane

Great Dane
To start this list of the best large dog breeds, we will begin with a giant, the Great Dane. Not only in size, but in attitude, the Great Dane stands high above other large dog breeds, quite literally. Only one dog breed, the Irish Wolfhound, stands taller than the Great Dane. That is on average because a Great Dane did hold the record for the tallest dog in the world. Despite their size, they are friendly giants. The Great Dane is a very calm and affectionate dog. Great Danes love children and are perfectly safe to keep around the family. Such large dogs require quite a bit of attention and even more space to play and exercise.


9. Mastiff

The next one on this list of top 10 large dog breeds is for the men in the family who love a big, strong dog. The Mastiff is well-known for it’s power, agility, and loyalty. Did I mention, the Mastiff is huge! The Mastiff breed is not quite as tall as a Great Dane, but more than twice as stout and muscular. While the Mastiff does look and feel like a powerful beat, it is actually a very easy and loving dog. It is very loyal and will protect its owner and its territory at times, but with patience and proper training, the Mastiff makes a perfect addition to the family.


8. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog
We owe thanks to the Swiss for introducing the Bernese Mountain Dog into our top 10 best large dog breeds. The Bernes Mountain Dog stands out because of its extremely sharp intelligence and loving personality. This is definitely one of the more affectionate of the large dog breeds, making it perfect to raise around the kids or family. The Bernes has an almost royal appearance. It’s fur is long and silky, almost dragging behind the dog at times. This isn’t a dog you want to keep in your apartment. It is certainly an outdoors dog and it does very well during the winter months. This is an excellent choice of large dog breed for any family, large or small.


7. Poodle

Number 7 on the top 10 list of best large dog breeds is the Poodle. If only one word could describe the Poodle, it would be “intelligence”. The Poodle is a far superior large dog breed and possibly one of the smartest dog breeds around. They are extremely easy to train and love to please the crowd or their owners. That being said, this means they are a very jealous dog breed and need quite a lot of attention. You won’t find an owner who doesn’t love their Poodle.


6. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever
Number 6 is a large dog breed that we all know and love, the Golden Retriever. The name reflects the beautiful coat of long, golden, silky fur that causes this dog breed to stand out against the rest. Golden Retrievers are another one of the smart dog breeds and are very easy to trainer. These are very friendly dogs and perfect for the first-time dog owner. They also fit perfectly inside any family environment because they love children and children love Golden Retrievers. They are one of the indoor large dog breeds, but do need their playtime to exercise.


5. Labrador Retriever

 Labrador Retriever
Who hasn’t heard of the Labrador Retriever. For more than 18 years straight, the Labrador Retriever has earned the top spot in the American Kennel Club registers. This is a working dog and family friend. Their personality is always positive and beaming. Anyone who owns a Labrador Retriever is always a proud owner. The intelligence in this dog breed is astounding.


4. Collie

Do you remember the timeless classic Lassie? Lassie was a famous Collie, which are one of the most beloved large dog breeds. The truth is, Collies were a great dog long before television turned Lassie into a superstar. This is an extremely intelligent and very loyal large dog breed. The Collie is always friendly and rarely suggests aggression unless protecting its owner. A Collie would make a great addition to any household.


3. German Shepherd

German Shepherd
This is a dog that can do it all: number 3 on the top 10 list of best large dog breeds, the German Shepherd. German Shepherds are commonly outside dogs, but can live perfectly well indoors if they have the room to play as they like. This is one of the more protective breeds, which is why a lot of owners keep them as guardians. German Shepherds are also very loyal and very eager to learn. These are the dogs chosen to work alongside the police in the line of duty.


2.German Pointer

German Pointer
This is one of the most renowned hunting dogs from the large dog breeds category. This particular breed of German Pointer is incredibly strong, intelligent, and loyal. They do require a lot of attention and time to train. Dogs of this size need plenty of room to move and exercise. After it is all said and done, this is one of the best large dog breeds around, but may be too much for first time owners.


1. Rottweiler


Number 1 on the list is often portrayed as a monster in Hollywood, but in reality, they are a smart, powerful, loyal, and protective dog breed. Owners love to keep Rottweilers for guard dogs because of their strength and intelligence. These are dogs that can be trained easily and respond well to commands. They are still friendly enough to keep around the family. Their origins as a herding dog provide a natural sense of obedience.


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